As we shift to a more tech-savvy era, we can see that for some people the change is exciting, however, for others, it is quite scary. Technology has helped automate time-consuming and lengthy processes, making businesses around the world faster and more efficient.

Taking the cue, let us talk about companies using automation in their process to make things work in their favor. In most of the companies, the sales team is usually responsible for converting leads and generating revenues. Therefore, it is important for them to learn about the various automation tools available online. This will help them curtail the time of their sales cycle and increase conversion rates.

Following are some of the tools that I think will empower the sales teams by reducing their efforts and improving their process:

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator- Lead generation has never been easier!

 LinkedIn Sales Navigator- Lead generation has never been easier!

With the help of this tool, the sales reps can undertake advanced lead and company search to find the right kind of buyers. This tool not only shows all the relevant leads but it also helps to segregate the decision-makers in a company. With its integration with various CRM Software, logging all the other information also becomes easy.

While working on the lead lists, I realized that this tool simplifies the bulky task of managing the large databases and multiple touch-points in a company, by cutting off information that isn't helpful. In the course of the sales process, I could easily insert the company name and find the people who might be interested in the offering.

LinkedIn sales navigator is a helping hand in terms of creating a list of significant touch-points and managing them at one place.

2. Seamless.AI- Gather contact information seamlessly

Seamless.AI- Gather contact information seamlessly

As we go down the process of lead generation , the chrome extension offered by Seamless.AI helps to retrieve contact information of the leads, which are created with the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Using both of these tools together helps to obtain maximum output for your sales process.

By locating accurate email addresses and phone numbers, it helps the sales reps to save a lot of time. This is because all the data is generated in real-time, accelerating the reach-out process. From adding the contacts with the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to further enriching the research with the help of Seamless.AI, you can process these leads on your current CRM Software . The leads can be automatically transferred to the CRM, where the reach outs can be undertaken and monitored as and when required.

3. Google Meet- Host meetings live

Google Meet- Host meetings live

Google Meet allows the teams to seamlessly connect on a live video conference minus travel cost.

During the process of qualifying the customer, one can use this joint video conferencing tool to find answers to their questions. Whether you are selling it to the right person or are solving someone's major pain points, there is no plug-in required for joining the meeting. All you got to do is simply click on the link shared with you.

4. 10to8 - schedule sales calls and demos

10to8 - schedule sales calls and demos

10to8 is appointment scheduling for sales professionals who want to shorten the sales process and close more deals. 10to8 allows you to send a calendar link in your very first outbound email so that your prospects can book a chat with you immediately at their convenience. You can choose to send a link to a specific service type, such as New Customer Demo or to a specific sales rep.

10to8 handles time zones for you, so even if your sales team and prospects alike are spread across the globe, you can rest assured that everybody will see the correct time. The automated SMS and email reminders ensure that nobody misses the meeting.

10to8 offers 2-way calendar sync with Google, iCal, Outlook, and Exchange so you can wave goodbye to messed up calendars. What’s more, this software has a native Zoom integration, so video calls and demos are as smooth as it can get. Thanks to the integration with Salesforce, managing opportunities and leads is a breeze.'

5. StoryXpress Recorder- Lights, Camera & Action!

StoryXpress Recorder- Lights, Camera & Action!

StoryXpress Recorder allows you to record your screen and webcam at the same time. It is a brilliant tool to infuse life in your pitches and make them more interactive.

Usually, the sales process is about finding the right kind of customer for your product. From product demos to feedback videos, this tool takes care of video creation. StoryXpress Recorder comes in pretty handy while reaching out to prospects. It allows sales reps to create a quick introductory video and send it out to all the prospects.

Using this tool eliminates the challenges faced due to time constraints. Once the video is created anyone can watch it as per their comfort. It also saves everyone's time that goes into finding and scheduling a call for product demos.

Try adding videos to your sales process and see the magic.

Download StoryXpress Recorder from Chrome Store

6. HubSpot- Inbound is the new mantra!

HubSpot- Inbound is the new mantra!

For all the emerging B2B SaaS firms, who are majorly into inbound marketing and sales HubSpot, Chrome extension allows you to log and track the emails that are being sent to the prospects. HubSpot is one place where you don’t have to work on a database instead you can create deals for your contacts. One can create email templates, schedule the emails according to preferred time-zones, making the process easy and flexible.

Data is shown in the form of graphs that are easy to interpret. Team activities are also shown on the dashboard, which keeps everyone on the team updated. These updates allow team members to forge a better relationship with each other.

The simple idea behind bringing together all these tools was to make business easier for the sales teams around the world. With the help of these tools, the sales team can reduce the duration of the sales cycle and increase the conversion rates. I hope this blog was insightful.

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