There are huge online automation tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Zapier, Slack, Airtable, StoryXpress and many more. And then, there are small online tools which are not as huge as the ones mentioned above but they save time and help users to meet deadlines. And, we use them almost daily to complete our work faster and by putting in much less effort.

When I started working, I was not aware about most of these and it took hours to complete something that could have been done in minutes. Well, I learned and now I know that things can be made easier by adding a little bit of automation. Same goes for marketing.

So, here’s my list of small but powerful online tools which can make marketing easier. And yes, these are all free and quite simple to use:

1. Inbound Now - Blog Title Idea Generator

 Inbound Now
The Inbound now blog title idea generator

This is a perfect tool for people who have written the entire 1000 or maybe 2000 word blog and struggle to find the perfect clickable title for it. When you visit this webpage you will get the idea of many outstanding titles for your blog. Just open the tool's webpage and click on ‘click to generate title ideas’. You can choose the title frame which suits your blog.

2. Coschedule - Headline Analyzer

Coschedule - Headline Analyzer
The headline analyzer

Why is a good headline important? Well! I came across this quote on the Coschedule website.

"On average, 5x as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent eighty cents out of your dollar." - David Ogilvy

The headline analyzer helps you to analyze if your title is good enough to make people click. You can check if your title is common, common, emotional or powerful. Also, check if the title is of the right length and how will it appear on the search.

3. StoryXpress Recorder- Screen & Webcam Recorder

StoryXpress Recorder- Screen & Webcam Recorder
Record, Host, Share, Analyze 

StoryXpress Recorder is a screen and webcam recording tool that lets anyone communicate with clarity, impact, and sophistication. It is a perfect tool for all those who want to tap the growing internet audience, hook them and speed up conversions.

This is useful if you are using video recording chrome extensions or if you are constantly taking up video conferences. StoryXpress Recorder, StoryXpress' screen & webcam recorder, isn't just made for big organizations. It is, in fact, a perfect tool for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and SMEs as well.

4. Hemingway App - Content Analyzer

Hemingway App - Content Analyzer
The Hemingway app

The content analyzer helps you to analyze how readable your content is. It gives you suggestions on how to make the content easy to understand. Simply copy the content and paste it on the app to get results.

It will give a readability grade to your content grade 1 being the best. I would suggest you optimize your content for a grade 7 or less, that is a good readability score from the Hemingway app.

Google Trends - Search Trends
Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool by Google that analyzes the top search queries on Google from across the globe. It tells about the search trend in various regions of the world. It uses graphs to compare the search volume of different search queries over time.

To use this tool enter any search term or topic in the search bar at the home page of this tool and see the data of how many people are searching for it from across the globe. You can also set regional or language parameters and the period. And, you can even compare one search term to another.

6. Shopify - Logo & Slogan Maker

Shopify - Logo & Slogan Maker
Free tools by Shopify

Open the Shopify website and visit its free tools section. You will see a lot of Shopify apps and tools from the business name to privacy policy generator which can help your business to get started. Two of these are the logo and slogan maker.

To use the logo maker , select your business space, choose a visual style, enter your business name, and finally choose where the logo will go. The web app will automatically generate customized logos for your business.

For the slogan maker simply enter the word you want to include in it and get powerful business slogan ideas.

7. Google Alerts - Web Monitor

Google Alerts - Web Monitor
Google Alerts

With the help of this tool, you can monitor the web for interesting new content. Just select the topics for which you would like to get web alerts and google will notify you about what’s new to the field. From entertainment to technology the google alert covers it all.

8. Answer the Public - Search questions around keywords

 Answer the Public - Search questions around keywords
Using Answer the public tool to find topic ideas around the keyword marketing tools 

If you follow the problem-solution approach to content creation for your target audience then this tool is just the perfect one for you. It gives you the list of top searched questions around your keyword.

Just go to its website and enter the keyword around which you want to create a new piece of content. It will automatically generate google-searched questions around the keyword.

9. Right Relevance - Find Influencers & Publications

Right Relevance - Find Influencers & Publications
Using the Right relevance tool to find product marketing influencers from USA

If you are looking for influencers or top publications in a particular space then, visit this website right away. When you go to this webpage you can choose if you would like to find suitable influencers or publications. After that just enter the topic and set location or the type of influencer filter. It will automatically generate a list for you.

The web tools save time and effort of searching the web manually for influencers and publications.

10. Mediatoolkit - media monitoring and social listening tool


Mediatoolkit is an award-winning media monitoring and social listening tool that notifies its users immediately when their company, products, or services are mentioned in any language across 100+ million online sources.

Whether it’s a web article, social media post, forum post, or blog comment, businesses of all sizes can track brand mentions and build their strategy on valuable audience insights.

With its user-friendly interface and useful features, Mediatoolkit is a great option for having all of your brand mentions and analytics in one place. If you’re a PR or Marketing professional, the tool will automate your mundane tasks, save you from endless googling and provide you with valuable insights about your brand, customers, industry trends & opportunities, and more.

11. LSI Graph - Generate LSI Keywords

 LSI Graph - Generate LSI Keywords
LSI Graph

The slogan of this web app is “Generate LSI Keywords That Google LOVES”. And, as the slogan tells, you can get the most popular semantically related keywords for all the SEO and paid marketing needs.

Just go to the website and type your main keyword and the tool automatically generates all the closely related keywords. This tool becomes important for marketers who work on SEO as LSI keywords play an important role in the SEO context.

Well, that was all from my list of essential marketing tools that every marketer should know about. I will make sure to add more tools to this list and keep it up to mark.

If you have any more suggestions, do tell me about it in the comments below.