Connect StoryXpress With MailChimp

Generate Qualified Leads Streamline the Data Flow for Your Leads Revamp Your Email Marketing

Integrate MailChimp and StoryXpress to revamp your email marketing strategy. Generate qualified leads and convert them like a pro.

Generate Leads With In-Video Forms

Integrate StoryXpress with MailChimp to streamline your lead generation process. You may use the default StoryXpress form and sync the form submissions with MailChimp mailing lists; or embed a custom MailChimp form.


All the new leads show up in the relevant MailChimp list without any manual data entry. Specify the form fields, where to insert the form in your video, and more. You can then configure a welcome email to the new subscribers.

Embedding Videos in Your MailChimp Campaigns

Connect your StoryXpress account with MailChimp to embed videos in your MailChimp campaigns. No coding expertise required, get lightweight, responsive email embed code and share your videos with an engaging GIF thumbnail.

Email based tracking of lead’s behavior

Boost CTR and response rate

Make your emails interactive

Advanced Video Analytics With StoryXpress

Insert StoryXpress videos in your MailChimp campaigns and use the StoryXpress dashboard to have a detailed overview of video analytics such as –

Video heatmaps for lead scoring

Views, impressions, watch time for every video

Engagement graphs to learn more about your leads

Understanding What Your Leads Prefer

Using StoryXpress videos in your MailChimp campaigns helps you track video analytics for every lead. You can be updated about the watch preferences of your leads, and use the data to strategize your future marketing campaigns, make them more personalized and less robotic.

Tracking video analytics for every lead, on StoryXpress dashboard

Understanding the lead preferences better

Have an overall understanding of lead engagement


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