HQ Video/Screen Recording Solution With Custom SDK for your Applications. Embed a video recorder on your website and let your users record video messages of their screen and webcam, or video calls & conferences. Secure cloud-based recording and sharing with a completely white-labelled and buffer-free experience. End-to-end solution for quick video recording anywhere.

Video creation API to create millions of personalised videos in a short time. Fuel your video production using data (text, product specifications, customer reviews, images & video clips) with our 100% automated API. Hassle-free onboarding and seamless integration with your platform. Create product videos at scale for eCommerce and marketing to improve customer engagement and build warm customer relationships.

Embed a video editor on your website with editing essentials using the StoryXpress video editing SDK. Let your users trim, crop, blur certain frames of the video and add text, emojis and more! End-to-end solution for video editing anywhere! Help your users create picture perfect videos on the go.

Embed Video Player on Your Website. Video playback SDK that allows users to playback their video once they finish recording. Not just that, you can track video analytics to assess the performance of the video. Stand out and provide an end-to-end video experience.

video recorder

The StoryXpress SDK allows you to seamlessly integrate video into your product. Use our wholesome infrastructure to let your users record, create, edit and analyse videos while they use your product.

Why Choose StoryXpress SDK?

Hassle-free Embedding

With support for iOS, Windows, macOS, and Web, the StoryXpress Video SDK guarantees a hassle-free experience with minimal code to deploy.

Custom Built SDK

Engineer the best of video creation and recording to all of your business expectations through customization of UI, and core functionalities.

Be on Top of It

Be on top of the infrastructure and deployment to always know what’s going on back stage and who has access to your content.

Scalable and Affordable

Seamless video experience for your users. Let them record, edit and play as many videos as they want, with ZERO time lag and without burning a hole in your pocket.

Browser Support

Powerful video solution on cross-platforms & browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari etc.,) to enhance the user experience.

Lightweight Setup

Lightweight setup backed by ideal technology, configurations, and infrastructure to let you have an exceptional video app.


Video API Loved by Developers

Be assured that your developers will fall in love with StoryXpress APIs. You get well-presented APIs with detailed documentation. Get up and running with preliminary implementation of the APIs within a short span of time and yeah, support is just a text away, as and when required.


Add StoryXpress to your software suite and take your business to the next level

Get data-driven insights on your marketing efforts,
ad-free video hosting and all the tools you need to leverage the power of video.