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Embed responsive and SEO-friendly videos on your website, blog, landing pages and in emails. Get light-weight embed codes that load faster than you imagine.

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Why Embed Videos?

Seamlessly add videos to your website, blog or anywhere else where you want using embed codes, so that your viewers can watch the video then and there rather than getting redirected to another page. Embedding videos is a great way to share your videos as your viewers stay on your website.

Prevent viewers from getting redirected to another website

Provide better user experience by allowing the video to play then & there

Connect with your audience wherever they are

Why Embed Using StoryXpress?

With StoryXpress, your video embeds won’t slow down your website. In fact, the embeds will load very fast, and fit seamlessly into your website design, thanks to the completely white-labelled experience.

Responsive embedded video player

Lightweight and SEO friendly embed codes

Customized embedded video player

The Different Ways to Embed StoryXpress Videos

StoryXpress is a feature-packed platform that makes it easy for you to embed your videos by allowing a couple of options. Using StoryXpress, you can copy lightweight embed codes to embed videos anywhere across the internet. Apart from that, you can embed your videos in your:

Automated marketing campaigns in HubSpot or software you use

Emails and social media

Website, landing pages and blog

Trackable Email Embed Codes

Use StoryXpress to create trackable email embed codes using which you can see exactly how your prospects are receiving your videos. Discover how your videos are performing and understand what’s not working and must be fixed.

Email based activity tracking of users

See the exact watch percentage

Judge the engagement levels for feedback

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