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Why Customize Your Video Player?

Give a premium feel & an elite environment when sending your videos. Don’t settle for a generic when you can have branded experience. Customize your video player to ensure brand consistency and establish trust and credibility.

Stand out of the crowd at the first glance

Match your brand tone

Premium user experience means more sales

What Exactly Can You Customize Using StoryXpress?

StoryXpress lets you customize all the parts of your video player to provide a completely white-labelled experience. Choose your player style, player color, upload your logo, and update the logo URL. Not just that, you can also:

Allow or disallow the autoplay option and fullscreen mode

Choose to show or hide the progress bar and volume button

Hide or display the option to adjust the playback speed

Creating Video Player Styles

With StoryXpress, you can create your own player style. Choose the player color in accordance with your brand color palette, upload your logo and choose the player URL. Once done, save the player style with a name you want and use it for your sales and marketing videos.

Create a style once, use as many times as you want

Ability to adjust controls such as playbar and volume

Re-direct viewers to your landing pages from the logo


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