Customer Satisfaction doesn't just impact the business bottom line but also plays a crucial role in maintaining team morale and keeping a healthy retention rate. It gives businesses a winning edge, by helping them sustain longer and reach their goals faster.

Being a customer success executive myself, I feel that companies can ease their flow of communication with the customers, simply by relying on some of these amazing google chrome extensions or plugins like most people say.

If you want to know about how to download chrome extensions and manage them, read it here.

And, if you are done with reading about managing chrome plugins, follow the list below to know the best chrome extensions for your customer success team:

1. Engagio Scout

Engagio Scout

It is an important tool for businesses that focus mainly on account-based marketing. The Engagio Scout helps create and measure engagements around high-value accounts.

The role of a Customer Success Manager is to make sure that all the existing accounts are satisfied with the product that is offered. When we are able to identify high-value accounts, coordination among the teams who are customer-facing becomes much easier.

Engagio Scout provides a consolidated place where all the information about the contact is pulled out from marketing automation platforms like Salesforce and LinkedIn, Twitter or even corporate email.  Apart from this, all the communication histories are completely visible to the people who are a part of the team.

2. StoryXpress Recorder

StoryXpress Recorder

StoryXpress Recorder is a tool that offers screen and webcam recording. It can be downloaded as a chrome extension. By adding these videos to your help centers or by sharing them with your clients, you can make all sorts of communication more interactive. A lot of companies still use automated chat bots for solving customers' queries.

However, by integrating StoryXpress Recorder in their systems, they can easily humanize communication channels at all fronts and drive immeasurable growth. One can simply record their screen and process a short video, explaining how to use a platform or how a particular product function, to give clarity to their customers.

Download StoryXpress Recorder from Chrome Store

3. Keeping


This is a chrome extension that allows you to add the help-desk feature to your Gmail account. It helps the customer service teams deliver better by tracking who is currently working on which support email so that duplicity could be avoided. Keeping aides Customer Success Manager in multiple ways.

For instance, it helps them create multiple mailboxes and internal notes, and also track who is been assigned to which customer so that everyone on the team can reply accordingly. The customers are provided with a confirmation email that the query has been received by the company. Hence, 'Keeping' helps to ease the customer service process and make sure all the customers' queries are answered.

4. Message Path

Message Path

As a customer success executive, I wouldn't deny the fact that writing emails indeed is an important task of your profession. There are times when the customer needs a follow-up and it is essential for the customer success executive to be precise and clear while explaining about a product or solving a query.

Message path is a business focused mix of Grammarly and Hemmingway because it not only fixes the phrasal errors but also makes your writing easy to understand. This tool also suggests the tone of communication that will help or hurt a customer.

5. Calendly


With so many clients in line, a customer success executive has to manage a lot of sundry activities. Calendly is an extremely powerful software that helps a customer success executive schedule their interactions.  

It allows all kind of meetings and lets you take the ownership of scheduling experience in terms of daily limits (number of meetings per day), notifications (send confirmation and reminder emails), Customizations (Delivering an experience which is according to your brand), etc

6. Wunderlist


Wunderlist offers a chrome extension which allows the users to tick off all the personal and professional to-dos. It helps to set reminders for sending emails to clients, along with converting tasks which are present in the email to your to-do list.

Also, one can use it seamlessly on all devices.

A couple of important features from the perspective of a customer success executive are that Wunderlist helps you to group folders which have similar kind of information. This makes it easier to relate to the content and manage your work accordingly. Apart from this, the to-do lists for work can be shared with your teams and they can provide feedback in order to keep the task sheet updated with the remarks.

A customer success manager who maintains a record of each account for the firm will surely like the idea of someone keeping a track on the status of tasks and Wunderlist will fit the bit.

7. Streak


Keeping streak on your Gmail helps you to automate your responses by creating snippets. These snippets can be edited and are accessible to the entire team. Further, the whole process of customer support is improved and refined. Tags can be assigned to the emails with the kind of interactions taking place with the customers and everyone depending on their roles have access to the email history.

These features can help the Customer Success Managers to keep track of all the activities which are taking place.

Streak also allows to prioritize the queries between the new ones and the resolved ones and you can also pin the conversations which are important. Analytics are also provided by this tool to measure the response time and it is very easy to install.

8. Evernote (Web Clipper)

Evernote (Web Clipper)

Evernote offers to save web pages, articles, and PDFs. This tool allows you to take screenshots of the web pages and save them so that they can be accessed easily.

These screenshots can be annotated by using call-outs which can drive more attention to specific elements. The clipped material can also be shared with your teams.

For a customer success manager, this tool is pretty helpful as it lets them clip as well as save the information in a folder. For various websites, there are custom clips that offer you to have a clear view of the information from the website. This is available for websites like Gmail, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. which also has an option to add an editable note so that you can add notes later to it


Hopefully, by now, you must have found at least one chrome extension that can help your customer success team excel.

I’ve only mentioned 8 plugins in this blog, but I can assure there are many more.

Just find the best one to get your work done!

Do you have some other chrome extension in mind that can be used by a customer success team?


What are some of the best chrome extensions for business in 2023

Grammarly: This extension checks grammar and spelling as you type and makes suggestions for improvement.

Boomerang: This extension allows you to schedule emails to be sent later and reminds you when you haven't received a response.

Evernote Web Clipper: This extension allows you to save web pages and articles for later reference and organization.

Hootsuite Hootlet: This extension allows you to easily schedule and publish social media posts.

LastPass: This extension securely saves your passwords and automatically fills them in when you visit a website.

StayFocusd: This extension helps you stay on task by blocking distracting websites.

Google Analytics: This extension allows you to quickly check website analytics without having to leave the current tab.

Pocket: This extension allows you to save articles and videos for later viewing, even when you're offline.

Zoom Scheduler: This extension allows you to schedule Zoom meetings directly from your Google Calendar.

DocHub: This extension allows you to sign and fill PDF documents directly from your browser.

RescueTime: This extension tracks your time spent on different websites and apps, providing a detailed report on how you spend your time.

Hunter: This extension allows you to quickly find email addresses and social media profiles associated with a website.

What are some of the best chrome extension for sales reps in 2023

Salesforce for Chrome - allows you to access Salesforce data directly from your browser

LinkedIn Sales Navigator - helps you find and connect with potential leads on LinkedIn

Hunter - find email addresses and other contact information for a specific company or website

Clearbit Connect - find contact information for people at specific companies

Boomerang for Gmail - schedule and track email follow-ups

Grammarly - improve your grammar and spelling in emails

Evernote Web Clipper - save and organize web pages, articles, and more

Rapportive - see social media profiles and recent email history for contacts

Calendly - schedule meetings with potential leads

Yesware - track email opens, clicks, and more to help increase sales productivity.