Connect StoryXpress With Pipedrive

Capture Qualified Leads Send Personalised Marketing Messages Boost Sales

Integrate Pipedrive and StoryXpress to generate qualified leads and use deep analytics to gauge their warmth.

Add Pipedrive Forms to Your Videos

Create StoryXpress videos and add call-to-action buttons or lead forms as per your requirement. You may embed a Pipedrive form with custom fields or use the default StoryXpress form & sync the data with Pipedrive. Once done, you can see all the new leads automatically in your Pipedrive account.

Capture leads through videos with custom Pipedrive forms

Sync video viewing data with Pipedrive contact records

Real-time lead updates in Pipedrive

Tracking Customer Engagement Using Video Analytics

Integrate StoryXpress with Pipedrive to see and filter leads by their video activity. Enable auto-sync of actionable data points for every lead and see the same in app panel. Understand your prospect’s watch preferences, find out what’s not working and have a holistic view of lead engagement levels at any given time using –

Form submissions

CTA button clicks

Watch percentage (1% – 100%)

Data-Driven Marketing Automation

Connect your Pipedrive account with StoryXpress to humanize your marketing campaigns. The integration lets you use video engagement data to personalize your marketing messages. Segment and score your leads based on their watch preferences and tailor the communication.

Drip marketing campaigns that don’t feel robotic

Lead nurturing with relevant and personalised content

Boost conversion rates with the right messaging

Deeper Video Analytics With StoryXpress

Use advanced video analytics to understand your leads better and launch smarter marketing campaigns. StoryXpress dashboard gives you a detailed overview of deeper analytics such as –

Video heatmaps for better lead scoring

Views, impressions, watch time at video level

Engagement graphs to learn more about your leads

Video and Email: Better Together

Integrate StoryXpress with Pipedrive to easily embed videos in your Pipedrive emails. No coding knowledge required, get ready-to-use, lightweight, responsive email embed code and share your videos with an animated thumbnail. Plus, automatically track the response for users tagged through email addresses.

Email address based engagement tracking

Boost your CTR and response rate

Making your emails more interactive


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