StoryXpress is the best way to create videos from scratch with your already existing content

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- Our Mission -

To build a one stop video marketing platform for brands and businesses of any size.

- About -

StoryXpress is a cloud based video creation tool to make it easier for businesses to create video content. We are now moving towards a more visual internet and to keep up with it, every business require to create video content more often. We currently offer a DIY tool to create videos for businesses of any size, an API which can be plugged onto any platform to convert images into videos, and personalized videos for brands to communicate with their users at a personal level.

- Our Team -
  • Ankit Mishra

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Chinmay Jindal

    Co-Founder and CTO

  • Vibhas Goyal


  • Rohan Alli

    Front End Developer

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