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Nobody Likes to Hear from Robots

Your prospects are getting an equal or probably more number of emails from your competitors and if you don’t stand out, you won’t hear back from them. Use videos to add a human element to your automated emails and see a significant surge in your open and click through rates.

Humanize your drip marketing campaigns

Convey your ideas in an engaging manner

Especially useful for sales and customer support teams

Deeper Video Analytics

When you send a regular textual email, you can track the response in a very limited number of ways. For instance, you can know when a prospect clicks a link. On the flip side, when you send a video email, you can dive deeper into analytics and track:

The exact watch percentage

Engagement at various timestamps

The number of times they watched the video

Boosting Email CTR With Videos

Did you know that having “video” in your email subject line boosts your open rates by 19%? Be it video walkthroughs to help you explain complex product features or a video simply saying everything you want to type in an email, the impact is real. That’s why, you should send:

Video pitches to make a difference

Explainer or demo videos to nurture leads

Customer success stories to evoke trust

Refining the Leads

When you add videos to your emails, you can actually refine the leads further by inserting questionnaires in the middle of the video. This can help you understand the likes and dislikes of the prospect better, gauge how hot the lead is and what kind of messaging strategy to have next.

Helps With Initial Lead Scoring

Understanding the Preferences of Prospects

Sets the Stage for Personalised Messaging

Embedding Videos in Emails With StoryXpress

StoryXpress lets you embed videos in your emails as engaging GIF thumbnails. Quick and easy way to share videos! All you have to do is copy the link to the video from the StoryXpress dashboard and paste in the email body.

Videos embedded as thumbnails

Quick and easy way to share videos

Boosting CTR and engagement

Tracking Bulk Mail Merge Campaigns Simplified

Using StoryXpress, it is super easy to track the performance of your mail merge campaigns. In the mail merge software, put a custom parameter at the end of the video URL: ?email={{email}}. This will help you use powerful StoryXpress video analytics on bulk emails sent through mail merge. You can track:

The percentage of video watched

User activity by email address

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