It’s difficult. Keeping your business and marketing ahead of the game in 2023 - we get it, it’s difficult.

But then, what’s new? What’s next?

If you ask us what moves at a speed greater than that of light, we’d say it’s business trends.

It’s easier to upsell to an existing customer than finding a new lead and persuading them. Agreed?

Thus, it makes sense to ensure that your customers are happy, delighted and content with your services and support.

But, how do you do that? How exactly do you delight your customers?

Thinking of some quick ways, we expect that you write blog posts, send out introductory emails, follow up for feedback and maybe call them if you have the resources and time.

But, is that all? Really?

Actually, it’s not.

There is something that can help you take your customer experience to the next level. And that’s videos.

Videos recorded to help your customers get the gist of your business and your team. Videos to help them feel the brand. Videos to ensure that the customer journey with your business is smooth as butter and not a bumpy ride through the rocks.

HubSpot’s About Us Video

Statistics say that 80% of people can recall a video ad they viewed within the last 30 days and 64% of people are more likely to buy a product or service online after viewing a video about it.

This blog post is all about how you can go one step ahead for customer support and success.

This is about using videos to better your customer support game and making sure that no customer ever feels the need to Google FAQs related to your product.

Videos for Various Stages of the Customer Journey

You love your customers and would want them to choose you over your competitors every single time, forever.

However, you must feel that with changing times, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep the customers happy.

They can cancel the subscription or uninstall your application any time they want and there is only so much that you can do about it.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Customers across all the industries are getting lots of options, asking more questions, demanding a little bit more, and leaving for competition more often.

And this is where you can turn to videos for rescue. Let’s see how.

Seamless Onboarding

You may have created the best product for your audience and your potential customers may be loving it more than anything else, still you must understand that they need some hand-holding as they get started.

And, what they’d appreciate more than a blog post or a how-to guide is a video that takes them on a visual tour of the product they just signed up for.

Create Your First Video Now

You can do it!

Customer support is not all about attending to support tickets, it goes deeper than that.

If you provide a world-class experience and resolve all the common, possible queries of your customers, you would have a better stand at retaining them.

If someone has signed up for your product, it’s evident that they already like you, and they already believe in your product.

Once they are on board, your job is to keep it this way. And videos can help you here.

ClickUp is one of the best examples of SaaS products using videos for onboarding.

Once you sign up for ClickUp, you see this absolutely amazing introductory video.

And, it just doesn’t end there. You see an entire series of videos to get you up and running without feeling like you are struggling with the product.

Isn’t that amazing? We know it is!

And what happens if you try skipping the videos? You see this -

ClickUp has been using videos really well to help customers get started smoothly.

The best part? Your customers don’t have to go through any bland onboarding manuals. All they have to do is watch a two or three minutes video and they are sorted.

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Troubleshooting Doesn’t Have to be Annoying

How many times have you encountered this - a customer is screaming on the phone and your customer support executive has no idea how to explain to them what’s wrong.

Furthermore, while your customer support executive is speaking plain English, the customer is unable to get what to do because they are not “technical” enough.

What to do in such cases?

Well, we suggest that rather than screaming for hours on the phone, your customer support executive records a video using a tool such as StoryXpress and demonstrates what to do.

StoryXpress is a free screen recorder that sits in your browser as a browser extension and allows you to record your screen while you speak and help your customers understand what to do.

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Video Platform for High Performing Teams

You may use the extension to record professional videos quickly, and further share them with the customers. No long telephonic conversations back and forth, simple solution.

Click here to see StoryXpress in action.

FAQs May Not Be Textual All the Time

As the complexity of your product increases, the questions customers have about it also increase.

There are a lot of FAQs that you feel your customers have and which you may not have talked about in the onboarding process.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Rather than listing five or six questions on the webpage (which is a very common practice), what you can consider doing is record a video and help customers with live demonstration of the answers.

Thus, for instance, if you are a SaaS reseller, and you often have your customers wondering what it would cost to implement the CRM for a small business , you can record a video demonstrating how the volume of data required to be migrated decides the cost.

And yes, it is way more engaging than reading FAQs on the webpage. And, do you think that customers go through all the content you have on the webpages? We don’t think!

How-to Guides That are not Plain Blog Posts

Not all the business owners get it, but videos are also a form of content marketing. Because what you ultimately are doing is creating content to deliver value.

If your product has a lot of features, or if you are selling SaaS products especially, you may consider having some how-to guides that help your customers understand very targeted features of the product.

Here is a guide on “How to Connect MailChimp With WordPress”.

This guide is quite interactive with all the steps explained very well through relevant screenshots.

However, what you would generally expect a prospect to do is go to YouTube and search for a video on “How to Connect MailChimp With WordPress”.

Wouldn’t it be nice if MailChimp, in addition to that textual how-to guide uploaded a video explaining the same?

It would actually be very nice. And again, you can accomplish this easily using browser extensions such as StoryXpress.

When it comes to embedding videos on page to back the content, AHREFS actually is doing a really nice job.

Adding videos in addition to the blog posts helps bring the idea home very well.

Product Updates Backed By Videos

It’s always nice to see new features being added to a product but at times, these features can be hard to comprehend.

Or, your customers may not exactly understand what’s new. And here is where videos can make the difference.

Launch your product updates backed by videos that give a two or three minutes overview of what’s in store.

Divi, the WordPress page builder, is a great example of how brands are using videos to give a quick, holistic view of the product.

Answering Support Tickets Smartly

Finally, how can we not talk about support tickets?

Support tickets can be crazy if you don’t have enough human resources to attend to these. They can keep getting piled up with you having no idea what to do with them.

What’s a better way of attending to support tickets?

We suggest that rather than exchanging emails and then getting lost in a sea of emails, you record a quick support video (again using a tool like StoryXpress) and share it directly with the customer.

This is something extremely simple yet innovative.

Remember how Calendly eliminated the need to send emails back and forth to schedule meetings? StoryXpress can help you do the same while answering support tickets.

All you have to do is install the extension in your browser, and click on the extension icon as and when you need to demonstrate something.

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Video Platform for High Performing Teams

Furthermore, you can share the video easily and upgrade to a paid plan if you want access to other amazing features such as video editing, integrations, email based UTM testing, customer support integrations, and email marketing integrations.

Click here to see the pricing model for StoryXpress.

Why Videos and Nothing Else?

Now that we have seen at least six different ways how videos can change your customer experience, let’s quickly understand why videos, why not anything else?

Videos Save Time and Time is Money

Videos are a great time saver. Your customers are busy and they don’t have the time to go through long documentation or boring manuals to understand what to do.

They’d any day prefer watching a quick video on the go rather than sitting through a boring how-to guide on a Friday evening.

No Back and Forth Messages

If you are still not using videos for customer support, what are you doing?

Because, once you do it, you will be addicted to it. No confusions, no back and forth messages, no annoying phone calls.

Trust us when we say this, your customers would be super happy and delighted.

And yes, it’s always easy to follow a demonstration using a video as compared to someone explaining it to you over phone call or email.

Adds Human Element

When your customers buy your product, they sign up for an experience.

And, with brands increasingly talking about humanizing their customer experience, why would you want to be left out?

Videos instill a sense of talking to a real person rather than a bot. When you onboard your customers with a personalized video message from the CEO, it makes a lot of difference.

Is Video Marketing for My Business?

A few years back, HubSpot launched its extremely popular Content Marketing Certification Course, revealing to the world how it got incredible success leveraging the power of content created right.

Businesses, extremely inspired by the trend, started revamping their website blogs and posting content like crazy, just to replicate HubSpot’s success.

It worked for a few, it didn’t for a few others.

But, why did it work for a few and why it didn’t for the others?

Well, letting the cat out of the bag, it worked for those who didn’t create content just for the sake of it, but rather invested in creating content that actually delivered value and attracted eyeballs.

And, it just doesn’t stop at content marketing. The idea applies really well to the next big thing in marketing as well - video marketing.

If you were seeing this a decade ago, probably it’d have sounded very fancy and out of the box, but today, video marketing is as mandatory as having a blog of your own.

However, this doesn’t mean that you blindly copy your competitors and start your YouTube channel and expect views to pour in out of nowhere.

It means that you devise your way yourself and figure out how videos can make a difference.

It’s about your brand and your employees having this never-say-die spirit to provide customer support that goes beyond some phone calls and some how-to guides and onboarding manuals.

Video marketing is here to stay. It’s about when your brand catches up and leverages the power of video to scale the business.

Viral videos spread like fire and so can your brand word, if you do it right. Good luck!