Here's a list of eleven chatbots that will help transform your customer support entirely.

Picture this - you appoint a salesperson for every customer of your business to assist them 24*7, throughout their customer lifecycle.

Sounds impossible, right?

But it doesn’t have to be with the introduction of CHATBOTS!

Chatbot technology is all the rage these days. It has drastically changed the customer service landscape, no wonder businesses are adopting this trend very quickly.

Forget about the long waiting time on the phone to speak with the right person or searching the required information for hours to purchase a product or service on a website.

Chatbots have revolutionized customer experience and have made life easier for customers and customer service reps alike.

Let’s have a look at some of the statistics that show customer support and chatbots are a match made in heaven:

Now that you’re convinced about the power chatbots have, it’s time to get those wheels turning.

However, getting started with chatbots can be quite overwhelming, especially with the overwhelming number of options available.

In this post, we’ll discuss the 11 most powerful chatbots you must watch out for in 2021 and beyond.


Building a unified customer experience can be quite intimidating. This is where Intercom comes into the picture.

Intercom is a business messenger trusted by 30,000+ companies, including Facebook, Shopify, Microsoft, Udemy, Moz, etc.

It helps you communicate and build relationships with your customers and provides real-time support to them on your website or mobile application.

From quickly resolving complex issues to answering repetitive questions automatically and anticipating the problems before they arise, Intercom makes sure you deliver world-class customer support like never before.

Not only that - you can build custom bots and resolution bots using customer information, making support much quicker and efficient.

You can also integrate StoryXpress Screen Recorder with Intercom to add interactive videos to your replies and save time on user queries.

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Video Platform for High Performing Teams

Thus, be it welcome videos, tutorials, or product demos, this integration can help you share the right videos with your customers without any hassle.


Want to give your customer satisfaction a boost on Facebook? Chatfuel is the way to go!

Chatfuel is a popular platform for building custom, no-code bots to auto-reply on Facebook Messenger. You can easily install it for free on your company’s Facebook account.

You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of coding and using bots to build one. All you need to do is drag and drop!

Companies worldwide, both big and small, use Chatfuel to provide seamless support to their customers, resulting in increased sales and reduced support costs.

HelloFresh, one of the businesses using Chatfuel , have recorded a 47% increase in total conversations and a 76% decrease in customer wait time after automating their messenger with Chatfuel bot. Pretty impressive, right?

Chatfuel has a drag and drop interface, including simple instructions to guide you through each step of the bot-building process.

Want to create a Chatfuel Messenger Bot in less than 3 minutes? Check out this video and begin building the bot!


LeadBooster is Pipedrive’s easy-to-use chatbot that can give you extra control over your support process and delight your customers as soon as they land on your website.

LeadBooster has three features: Chatbot, Live Chat, and WebForms. But here, we’ll only talk about the chatbot.

Providing fast responses to customers is easier said than done. This is where LeadBooster can help you engage in instant, personalized conversations with your website visitors and ultimately turn them into loyal customers.

With LeadBooster, you can also set up “playbooks” (scripted conversation pathways) according to your communication goals.

It also allows you to customize the chatbot according to your brand’s personality. Editing colors, tailoring an interesting copy/message, or adding an avatar or company logo, it’s all up to you.

See the LeadBooster demo here:


Drift is a chatbot application that customizes your customer conversations to provide exceptional support through the entire customer lifecycle.

To deliver a better customer experience, Drift strives hard to engage your customers in a more personalized, relevant, and real-time communication.

When visitors come to your website, this customer-centric chatbot technology instantly identifies them and provides them with a human-like experience based on who they are, their activities on the website, etc.


This further helps you direct the right resources, to the right people, and at the right time.

Hence with Drift’s Custom Bots, you can avoid treating every customer as a generic prospect and engage with them in seconds with specific interactions.

Some of its best features are 24*7 availability, chat routing to deliver the right conversation to the right person, monitoring real-time user data, personalized playbooks, etc.

Besides, it also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android, providing a great experience to mobile users.


Freshchat is an AI-powered, self-service chatbot solution built by FreshWorks. It is a modern messaging software created for businesses who want to ace their customer service.


One of the most straightforward chatbots to install, Freshchat allows you to interact with your customers on channels they are on - be it WhatsApp Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Line Business Chat, or Apple Business Chat.

The benefits of Freshchat are impressive: instant reply to commonly asked questions, conversational flows through triggered and well-crafted messages, personalized interaction, in-messenger FAQs, real-time dashboard, helpdesk, and team member monitoring, etc.

You can also integrate Freshchat with StoryXpress Screen Recorder to take your customer service to another level.

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Video Platform for High Performing Teams

Through this integration, you can easily create, record, or upload videos and share them with a conversational reply. It also allows you to track the analytics for the videos shared within the Freshchat bot.


Kommunicate is a human + bot hybrid communication software that provides the best of both human and automation touch.

It is a great solution to empower your business to build deeper relationships with your customers by delivering proactive and delightful service.

From pre-defined bots to a simple, and easy-to-use interface powered by conversational AI, Kommunicate is a feature-packed chatbot that ticks all the right boxes.

With its powerful dashboard, you can easily manage all your customer conversations across multiple channels and leverage chat history for better support. Further, gaining advanced chat analytics work wonders for improving customer service performance.

For a mind-blowing customer chat experience, Kommunicate also provides multiple rich messaging templates such as cards, lists, carousels, buttons, etc.

In a nutshell, it’s an all-in-one customer chat-based platform, trusted by 10,000+ companies including HDFC Life, KPMG, Accenture, and many more.

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is an easy-to-use customer service tool that lets businesses engage with website visitors in real-time. ProProfs offers an easy-to-customize chatbot platform that provides a frictionless journey to every visitor.


ProProfs Chat is an easy-to-use customer service tool that lets businesses engage with website visitors in real-time. ProProfs offers an easy-to-customize chatbot platform that provides a frictionless journey to every visitor.

With ProProfs, businesses can initiate proactive invitations to interact with their website visitors. Moreover, automated chat greetings and announcements will help you never lose a potential customer again.

You can create your own chatbot in minutes with the help of expert-designed chatbot templates. Bots can be built for multiple purposes - lead generation, customer service, appointment booking, sales, and more.

Incoming chats can be smartly routed to a human operator in case the bot cannot provide a solution on its own. You can even share CSAT surveys with customers to capture their feedback post the chat session.

ProProfs Chat integrates with a knowledge base to enhance the overall customer experience. You can share knowledge base articles with customers to empower them to find help at their own pace.


If you’re looking for intelligent customer support software, Bold360 AI’s chatbot can be a perfect solution.

Interacting with chatbots can be quite frustrating when they don’t understand the meaning of what you’re trying to communicate. This is where Bold360 chatbot can help!

Unlike other chatbots, Bold360 chatbot isn’t limited to pre-scripted messages. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver a more personalized customer experience. NLP uses algorithms to understand the intent hidden behind what you’re saying, no matter how you word it.

After installing the bot on your website, it will slowly learn to understand the context and content across customer conversations, creating more genuine and personalized experiences each time.

Further, it comes enhanced with multi-language capabilities, which enable you to support and communicate with your customers in their native languages, making them feel understood and satisfied.



ItsAlive is a French startup that provides one of the best chatbot solutions for Facebook Messenger.

Trusted by brands like Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson, this user-centered chatbot allows seamless, 24*7 communication with your customers and connect them with humans, when required, using Facebook inbox.

It uses recipe workflows to automatically reply when customers use a specific keyword.

For example, if a customer uses the keyword “service”, you can customize your bot to respond with a message that mentions service options. What’s cool is that you can create as many recipes as you want and store them in different folders.

Another feature that makes ItsAlive different from other chatbots is its “broadcast” feature. Here, you can send automated messages to customers after a live chat. Plus, it enables them to subscribe to the chatbot and receive weekly broadcast content, follow-ups, quizzes, product updates, etc.

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat

Are you looking for AI-powered support to deliver a seamless customer experience? Then, Zendesk Chat might be what you're looking for.

Zendesk Chat is a chat tool that allows you to make communication simple, personal, and fun for your customers. It is programmed to automate simple tasks, allowing support agents to focus on more complex issues.

This easy-to-use chatbot works 24*7 to solve all customer queries, any time of day or night.

Be it automating responses to repetitive questions, collecting customers’ information, or transferring complex conversations from chatbots to human agents, Zendesk Chat is your go-to tool to take your customer support to the next level.

Further, you can analyze live chat metrics to determine customer satisfaction. And, interact with your customers across multiple channels, including your website, app, and Facebook Messenger. What more could you ask for?

HubSpot Chatbot

Since today’s customers expect to connect with you via real-time chat, supporting one-to-one conversations on a large scale can be a bit overwhelming for most companies.

This is where HubSpot’s chatbot steps in to save the day.

HubSpot’s chatbot

With HubSpot chatbot builder, you can easily build and launch free chatbots on your website - and that too without any coding. It’s a great solution to have personalized conversations with your customers at scale and automate your processes.

You don’t need prior experience in creating bots. Just choose from HubSpot’s bot templates, use the visual editor to customize the conversation, add questions and multiple-choice responses, and you’re good-to-go.

And you know what the best part is? You can seamlessly integrate your chatbot with HubSpot’s free CRM tools to deliver non-robotic, friendlier, and human-like messages based on your customers’ data.

Chatbots collect this information and store it on a contact’s timeline, helping your team to foster a crystal clear relationship with them easily.

ActiveCampaign Conversations

If you think ActiveCampaign only automates your emails, it’s time to peel off the layers of yet another exciting feature, called ‘Conversations’.

ActiveCampaign Conversations is a real-time communication tool that allows you to support your customers when and where they need it.

Conversations help to make meaningful connections with your customers by utilizing the live chat widget on your website. You can easily communicate with your active visitors and that too, without a required opt-in procedure.

Not only that, it combines live chat and email marketing to form a unified inbox that offers a personalized experience to your customers across different channels, resulting in efficient and timely support.

ActiveCampaign Conversations also has a mobile application for iOS and Android, which enables you to stay connected with your customers on the go and create memorable experiences for them.

Bottom Line

Chatbots aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon and it’s fair to say we’ll be seeing more of them in the coming years.

Chatbots have established themselves as a crucial tool for a business to take customer experience to new heights.

We hope the above list helps you choose and create a chatbot so that your company can reap the benefits of advanced automation and increased customer satisfaction.

If you’re not sure about which one to go for, experiment with different bots and select the one that works the best for you.