Customer Success helps companies understand what their customers are talking and feeling about their offerings, and what more they can do to enhance customer satisfaction. Brands across the globe fully realize the importance of their customers and will happily walk an extra mile, just to see their customers grow.

Retailers strive hard to get better each day, making sure they are capable of delivering customized offerings and unparalleled shopping experience to each one of their buyers.

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, “increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profit rates by 95%.”

From the initial stage of educating consumers on using your products/services till the time they willingly associate with your brand, customer success team has a huge role to play in keeping them happy and satisfied. The one thing that should always be a priority for a customer success executive is giving their buyers a 24*7 reliable & easy to follow assistance.

But no matter what you do, make sure the connection between your company and consumers remain intact and unbreakable.

How to maintain such a relationship with customers?

Customer success is all about developing a long-lasting relationship with customers
Customer success is all about developing a long-lasting relationship with customers

Well, videos might help!

What could be better than sending a short video to welcome the customer or to help them solve their query? Videos can replace the lengthy exercise of reading long texts. Apart from that, they also make content more engaging and easier to retain.
What's more?

Videos not only help in fostering trust between brand and prospects but also in raising awareness about your product.  When talking about assurance, it is important to have your customer believes in the services you offer, to the point that they realize you actually want to see them grow.  You can achieve that by explaining to them how your offerings will add value to their business.

As mentioned before, videos are a great way to reach consumers’ heart and make an impact on their buying choices.

Below listed are some ways in which videos could be used by the customer success team:

Get them On-board

On-boarding is the process of welcoming new clients to your business. In this process, you get to know them in person by addressing their questions and concerns around your product.

How to get there?

Well, we are all aware of Welcome Emails. But how about a welcome video? A personalized welcome video strengthens your relationship with the clients.
Do you think people will love the idea? To get the answer why not try it with StoryXpress.

DIY??..Yes of course

How about dropping by to say “Hello”.

Seems cool, doesn’t it?

Make short demo videos or use a screen recorder to hold a nice discussion. Explain to them how video can help to enhance their business. This would be a hit as your client would feel that you appreciate what you do and are keen on learning about their interests.

Explain to your client how to make the most out of your platform.

Make them feel special

Your clients are special to you, we all know that. But, are they aware of the same? Why not drop in a short video wishing them Happy Birthday (it will make them feel special…). Take a chance as it might as well end up adding years to your relationship with your customer.

Get rid of those Lengthy Guides

Videos help in interactive engagement with customers. This helps them to understand the content and retain it with ease.  A short video will always save time- it could be quickly grasped compared to reading through online guides.

Videos immensely help in making the customer experience better and more interactive, and therefore, bring them to use today, to make a difference at your workplace.

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