Nowadays, a lot of companies run away from incorporating email campaigns in their marketing strategies, for the fear of new-age consumers. This young generation has a way with the internet and knows exactly just how and when they need help, regarding a certain product or a service that they want to buy or experiment with. Anything other than convenience is considered intrusive by them and therefore, marketers these days stay clear of e-mailing their prospects too often.


Well, if you are one of those who think emails are a thing of the past and has no substantial relevant role in the present-day marketing scenario, this article might prove out to be an eye opener for you.

According to Delivra, a part of the Campaign monitor family, “Video when combined with email, significantly boosts conversion- with click through rates increasing by 200 to 300 percent.”

So the catch here is not to avoid emails but to tailor them to the very specific needs of the modern-day consumers.

And what is it that our modern day consumer wants?

They want helpful solutions to their day-to-day problems; solutions that will help make their Present better than the Yesterday. Whether you are selling a digitally charged marketing tool or are promoting a clothing brand online, emails, coupled with informative videos, can help distribute your content widely, along with clarity and creativity.

Have you ever given a thought to how adding Videos to your Emails can Boost your Sales almost Immediately?

Naaa! Don’t worry, let me show you how exactly that works!

Being Human

The world has gone digital. Completely & Absolutely! Everywhere you go, you see companies striving hard to attract, engage and delight new potential customers. However, just because you are selling products online doesn’t mean you cannot humanize the way you market your services. By taking on the more genial approach of always keeping your clients before your Brand, you can in fact connect with them on a much deeper level.

Let your prospects know you aren't trying to barge into their private lives, mailing them at the most inappropriate moments. Make it crystal clear from the very beginning of your interaction that you are there to help and to help, only when asked for it.

Why Videos?

Videos inspire people deeply. Most global surveys state that before purchasing online, consumers like to see a couple of videos on the products, to form an understanding of the Brand and its services. Imagine, having to buy products based exclusively on what you read about them on a content guide. If you had nothing but only content to guide you, will you still go ahead and close an important business deal? I wouldn't if I were you, and that is because trusting a brand requires more than just content. When you see a personalized video, however, you start connecting at a deeper level and that is the beginning of all things buying & selling. Videos humanize the entire process by making it more customer-centric. Just take a look at the example below and you may understand where I am getting at.

Points to keep in mind while building a solid video email campaign:

Give them a good story

Use videos to talk about your company. Use them to explain what you have built and how what you have built is different from everything else that is already there in the market. Let your prospects know what problems you were trying to address when you first came up with your product and what are some of the core values of your business that make your Brand unique. Believe me, when I say, stories are more powerful than mere blogging. Give your consumers a good story to watch and they will love you forever for showing them the hidden but more personal side of your business. The best way to connect with your consumer is to align your journey with theirs, letting them know you are because they are.

Give your prospects a video about the people they are working with

A short 1-2 minutes video is enough to introduce everyone who makes your Team. Let each one of your team members come forward and explain how their product contributes towards making the lives of consumers simpler and therefore, better. This will tell your prospects who they are working with or buying from and help to deepen the buyer-seller connection.

Time to show what you got

Why not create a video flaunting all that you got in your arsenal? Many a time consumers don’t have a clue about what they are missing on until they have experienced it by themselves. Use videos to flaunt your products left & right, letting the right people know what your sell and how your products work.


Going by the saying "actions speak louder than words", we suggest you put a temporary brake on self-marketing, step away from the podium for a while and present the mike to your long-term clientele. You must have noticed that sometimes when we are on the buying side of the picture, we go check the review section directly to see how a company is fairing in the market. Because, in the end, it is the opinion of the consumers about a brand that makes or mars the brand's reputation. Therefore, placing a good testimonial video in the mail will do a lot of good to your brand image.

"Video" in Email subject line

While sending out mails to your consumers always make sure you use the word "Video" in the subject line. According to Syndacast, simply using the word "VIDEO" in your email subject line can shoot up the open and click through rates by 19 and 65 percent respectively. Embalming emails with engaging videos tend to reduce unsubscribes by 26%, which is huge as far as email-marketing is concerned.

Keep those Videos Short

Not to mention, keeping videos short and interactive help consumers engage with the content better. Videos are effective only as long as they could hold the attention of their audience. So the longer you stretch it, the more impatient the audience grows. Long, intelligent and effective- packing the same punch within a minute requires a little of each, art, science and creativity. Learn that!

Video CTAs work!

Once the prospect has seen through the mail and the video, you do not want them hanging in a limbo, not knowing how to take things forward from there. Call to action helps guide them to what next. CTAs should have contact us, share on social, click for more, etc. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media buttons should be easily accessible as well.

Before you leave

Video email campaigns are a great way to reach out to new and old clients. You should include them in your marketing strategies to introduce and explain people about the various services you provide. When it comes to video marketing mistakes, here are few to avoid. You can build the entire campaign by sending out the right mails at the right time. After all, there is no point selling a laptop to someone who is looking for a medical help. Know your consumer before you enter their inbox and sell them what they want and not what you want them to buy.