Customers have a magical ability to ignore marketers. We see ads everyday: on televisions, on our computers while looking up stuff on Google, on our phones while watching Youtube videos, and even while listening to songs when using free music streaming services. Yet, the ads that stick with us are few and far between, and it seems comical to think that major corporations keep aside billions of dollars as advertising budgets for the purpose of acquiring you as a customer.

To break this limbo, marketers are increasingly looking to deploy personalized videos in an effort to reach out to every prospect by name, and showing them information that is strictly relevant. This is especially important, as you will read further in this article.

Don't Bombard Your Target Customer With Generic Information

You don't ignore marketing content because of a personal vendetta against the marketer or the company. The truth is, most content on the internet and on other distribution channels facilitates one-to-many communication, and forces marketers to create content that is only mildly relevant to a huge target group.

Reactions: Personalized vs Generic Video Marketing
Reactions: Personalized vs Generic Video Marketing

This is expensive and inefficient.

Yet, there are messages every day that you not only open, but also interact with frequently. Messages from your friends, from your family, and from sources you trust. This is the result of a personal bond you share with the information source, and this psychological phenomena is exactly what personalized video can help you leverage.

Personalized video marketing can help you forge extremely robust one-to-one connections with your users, and this in turn will increase their propensity to not only do business with you, but also enthusiastically introduce your products and services to their friends and coworkers! Talk about every marketer's dream!

It Works In Literally Every Scenario

The beauty of personalized video is its versatility. When applied properly, personalized video marketing can work wonders in both B2B and B2C situations. Human beings respond strongly to visual stimulus and video is by far the most potent tool in every marketer's arsenal. Personalization just adds the extra sharpness that you will need to break down even the most stubborn customer's defenses.

Personalization works well for both B2B and B2C marketing campaigns.
Personalization works well for both B2B and B2C marketing campaigns.

Understanding the requirements of individual prospective clients in a B2B scenario can help you tailor video pitches that are extremely effective, and imagine watching video ads for a gym chain using a club management system to send specific pictures from the branch closest to you! Personalized video marketing can open a vast array of unexplored avenues, and is still a nascent industry given the massive potential of the concept, especially in 2019.

But How Can I Create Personalized Video Content At Scale?

Creating video content has traditionally been expensive, and when you're making thousands of clips to refer to each of your customers by name and showing them the pictures from your outlet closest to them (Geo-location based personalization), costs can add up.

This is exactly where a tool like StoryXpress can help you out. With our web-based creator, you can create thousands of personalized videos using existing information like images, text copy, and variable information (like customer names, addresses, etc) pulled directly from your database or a spreadsheet.

While personalization at scale was virtually impossible (or extremely rare, at best) a few years ago, it is fast becoming more mainstream as technology providers begin to step up and introduce marketers to the benefits that are theirs to reap. Due to this paradigm shift in the marketing industry, we are edging closer towards a world where broadcasting generic content would be an anomaly, with personalization ruling supreme in terms of driving results for marketers as well as brands.