Can videos really help you pull up your Real Estate Business ???

Real Estate business is already too crowded for a new mushroom to pop up, grow and spread out. It is competitive and cutthroat. But in order to survive this spirited Game of Blocks, you have to be on your toes at all the times, directing all your attention and energy, towards revamping and reinventing your real-estate strategies.

“Real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without videos.” - PLACESTER

Impressive, isn’t it?

Or are we reaching a conclusion too good too soon? Let us not hurry! Let’s wait a while longer. Let a few more numbers jump into the fray and wipe out that every last doubt you have in your brain, regarding videos and real estate success.

According to a survey taken by the National Association of Realtors, 36% of people rely exclusively on videos when investing in a property.

As all the figures point out towards videos being an irreplaceable tool in a Real Estate marketer’s pocket, creating videos that would tempt just anybody into loosening their pockets and handing out good fat amounts of real cheques, is important.

Here are a handful of tips on video marketing that will help you lever up your real estate business in no time:

1.  Quality before Quantity

If you have never done this before, constructing a good video campaign might come across as a daunting task to you. However, if you were to follow this article step by step, you will be designing & creating video campaigns like experts by the time you finished reading this article.

To start with, always have a plan ready,

Design an outline, fix a budget and choose the experts!

That is a good way to go about it.

In the beginning, you might be tempted to spend as little money as possible on photographing & shooting videos, however, every time such thoughts began to cloud your better judgment, remember that you are selling people their dreams and not just a block made of brick & cement. People are going to watch videos online even before finalizing properties they would like to explore on the ground. The best way to be on their radar is to put your best foot forward, always.

2. Videos with a Touch

Buying a new house is always an emotional decision. A Home is an intimate section of life where dreams are sown and a bright & brilliant future is envisioned. It is a place you gift to your family: where memories are made and lives are created. Buying a new house could mean different things to different people. The moment you bring people close to the place they might call their home someday, you are already halfway through your success journey.  After all, humans connect with other humans and not properties. Show them the human side of your business and see how happy they get upon hearing from you and investing in your big Real Estate plans.

3. The Power of 360 Video

Why not use video technology to leverage your real-estate business?

Real Estate isn’t just about a certain square feet Plot that you want sold it is in fact about what surrounds the plot, inside-outside.

Wherever you live, you look for the surroundings: a hospital nearby, a pool to chill, a stationery to provide your kids with all their school needs etc. Imagine someone buying an office at a certain location. They would really appreciate your effort on covering the places in and around the office. A 360 video will give them a purview of the entire space, educating them on the cafeteria or the chemist shop or the bar nearby.

The 360 degree video experience allows you to roam around the entire property and beyond, without ever getting out in the sun or leaving the comfort of your house.

4. Don’t sell a House, sell a Lifestyle

Try looking beyond the four walls of a house! What do you see? A park, a school, a pool and a lot many more places to visit and enjoy at. But that is not all! When looking for a house, people aren’t only concerned about the location and the neighborhood they are going to be a part of. They are in fact much more curious about the lifestyle that is celebrated around that one particular house they are eyeing to buy. Here, you can take the help of personalized videos to let your clients figure out the kind of lifestyle you offer. For example, if someone was born in luxury, it would be wrong to give them anything but class. Therefore, as a real estate marketer, you must have an eye for details; you must know how to capture the soul of a location and present it to your clients.

From the towering skyscrapers to the parks to the bars nearby, use every trick in the trade to make your video spill luxury, class and style.

5. Build Trust with Testimonials

Let the people speak for you. There is nothing as trustworthy as real people advocating your Brand. Give your clients space on your videos and let them go completely gaga over you and the kind of work you do.  You can get clients to endorse you, to tell how happy they have been working with you.

Wrapping up

Videos speak on your behalf. Perfecting the art of video marketing can help your Real-estate business take a long leap of success.

Instead of talking them into a deal, pull them in with a great story told through the lenses of a camera.

A good story can inject  life into bricks, metal and cement. Therefore, use it wisely to accelerate your growth.

If you have any video marketing related query or are plain doubtful about using videos to accelerate your real estate marketing campaign, write us and we will will be happy to help.