Videos are the next big thing in the marketing space. Be it in the consumer or enterprise, videos engage better and create a long-lasting impact on the viewers.

80% of the content consumption in 2019 will be in the form of videos. - Cisco

Gone are those days where users would spend time reading long blogs with embedded gifs to read about a product update. Users are excited about being able to use new features as early as they can and, there could be no other way than real-time videos guiding them through the new journey.

Decoding the rising trends in the behavior towards non-static content, enterprises can leverage the power of videos while rolling out product updates. The key advantage of a video-focused product update is the element of human touch that comes with it, along with zero to very minimal production costs.

With StoryXpress Recorder, product teams can roll-out updates in a matter of few seconds and engage with the user. It also comes along with video analytics that can be used to understand the response to the update and feedback.

Using a webcam and a screen recording tool like StoryXpress Recorder, here’s how you can stand out to delight users while releasing product updates:

1. Product Walk-through:

Product Walk-through

With screen recording, you can walk the viewer(customer) through the entire journey of how a new feature works, or the improvement in the functionality of an existing feature. With real-time recording, users can understand and relate to the process of using a new feature/update easily. Keeping it simple, yet effective, StoryXpress Recorder makes the creation of a product walk-through happen in a matter of few minutes. Sharing updates has never been so easy!

2. Behavior:


Using StoryXpress Recorder, you can add custom feedback forms to capture instant reactions to a product update release. Metrics like Click-through-rate also provide insights into how well a new feature/improvement did with the set of users. For advanced tracking, you can leverage StoryXpress Analytics to get detailed heatmaps, drop-off rates. Tracking just got much simpler! The product team can use this data to document the feedback and work on updates that receive better responses.

3. Connect:


Make the magic of human touch, work. Record yourself using the webcam and make the viewer feel special. Add your own thoughts to weave delight with every interaction on a screen and humanize the digital behavior of your product users. Talk to your users and make them feel how excited you are to know about their reaction to the update. Let them hear it from the people who have built it! Add your story behind the update, and establish the connection through this chrome extension for webcam and screen recording.  

A free webcam and screen recording tool like StoryXpress Recorder can help you make, track and release product updates in a very short span of time. Unravel the power of videos for your product teams.

Let StoryXpress Recorder do its magic!

Excited about making your product updates a success? Download StoryXpress Recorder from the link below to get started.

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