I don’t remember when was the last time I went out shopping and didn’t try out clothes before buying them. Obviously, it is important to know how a pair of jeans will fit you or look at you before making a purchase decision.

The situation is no different in the case of software.

Your customer wants to know how the software works or if or not it solves their problem quickly & effectively. Whether the product is easy to use or complex due to its multiple functionalities.

This is where product demos come into the picture and Videos come into the business.

Every day we are growing with the help of smart software that makes certain tasks easier. With new product innovations and developments, it eventually becomes important for the user to become savvy with them. This can only happen when proper product training sessions or short explainer videos relating to the best use cases are given to the user. When we take this forward, the user gets clarity and feels good about the product.

A recent HubSpot study revealed 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands and businesses they support.

Due to the high requirement for videos and the engagement of the audience in different domains, videos have become a need of the hour. In the case of demos or product walkthroughs, the best way to deliver is by recording videos. Videos have a stronger impression on the audience which also leads to better response rates.

While recording a demo video for your customer go through these below-mentioned points that will also serve as a major checklist to watch out for:

Prepare in Advance

Prepare in Advance

Tailor your demo according to your viewers. It is very important to have thorough information about your prospects so that you can draw viewers' attention to your video. This is the initial step where you address your prospects with a personalized approach, which in return increases the chance of conversion. Staying informed on what your prospects do, their job role, their decision-making power, etc. helps you record your demos like a pro.

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Record your product demos confidently without expanding too much on frivolous details. Because after a while, it will start to bore your prospects, and they might want to cut the call as soon as possible.  

The product demos come out best when kept crisp and short.

Engage your customer

Engage Your Customer

Your customers want to know everything about the product and to stay connected to it. When you create a video and share it with your viewers, it’s important to make sure they understand what you are offering and how they can utilize it for the best results.

One of the ways to increase the level of engagement is by adding a short form toward the end of any video you are sharing. This form can include short questions asking for brief feedback about the video or for capturing emails that can be later on used for sending the company's newsletter, product updates, etc. These elements allow the user to interact with your content and further give you a check on it.

Find your Angle

Find Your Angle

There are high chances of facing competition in your respective market. Understanding its unique selling point will help your product grow. The user experience along with your product's ability to solve their problems should outshine the demo video. Creating fun demo videos and being inventive in terms of content delivery can get more users on board. Tell a story behind your product to strengthen its individuality and stitch it with your success story.

This will surely make it a hit on your customer’s product triallists.

Look at it broadly

Look at it broadly

While recording, state the long-term scope of your product. You can assess the bigger picture of your product with a larger number of potential customers and then narrow it down to a more specific audience. This way your product evolves and the user group which is targeted also understands their need for using the product.

Additionally, while recording your demo make sure it is convincing and conveys relatability so that a user feels connected to your brand. Product Demos are a golden chance to put a face to your product and establish a lasting relationship with your customers. By recording a video and sharing it, you help the prospect to gain knowledge anytime and anywhere. Above all, it saves time and increases productivity.

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Record a demo video, customize it as per your brand, and then share it with your prospects. Further, analyze the viewer trend over time and take action accordingly.