Creating a good product video is hard, and making a successful one that resonates with your audience will always be harder. With video marketing on the rise in virtually every field including e-commerce (and m-commerce), having a great product video is one of the tops asks in a smart seller’s playbook in 2019.

Fortunately for you, there exist proven methods that can help you go the extra mile by creating relevant video content that not only builds brand awareness amongst your target audience, but also improve conversion.

Here are the 3 measures you can take today to improve your product video development process and make your video marketing strategy even more effective:

1. Understand your audience

This might seem obvious in hindsight, but the biggest factor that affects the end result of your video marketing strategy is the target audience.

Who is your ideal buyer? What makes them tick? Do they feel a connection with your brand? If not, what can a video convey to change that?

Understand Your Audience

Customizing your product video strategy according to your target audience can help you find specific emotional points to convey in a tone and language that they prefer. Aligning the emphasis points of your video in accordance with your target groups will increase the effectiveness of your video campaign and help your brand meet sales goals (or any other type of goal, as discussed in the next section).

Once you have decided to identify your target audience, you need to solve another problem.

How do you narrow down to your perfect target audience?

Start by scoping out the competition. As with any marketing strategy, a product video campaign should also start with an analysis of the competitors’ strategy. Your aim with this exercise is to see what they are doing right (and implement those steps with improvements) as well as what they are doing wrong (so that you can avoid those mistakes).

Next, head over to consumer forums discussing and reviewing your product online to better understand the current user sentiment with respect to your offerings.

TL;DR - Develop an inside-out understanding of who your audience is comprised of. Follow the online conversation about your brand and then aim to fill the gaps using your product video strategy.

2. Have goals that are relevant and measurable.

A somewhat counterproductive habit what marketers often have is to define the goals of a product video strategy in a vacuum: number of views, impressions, shares and accumulation of social capital is all well and good, but does not truly reflect the health of your brand or your business.

The goal of your video marketing strategy should be clear and measurable. Depending on your business requirements and customer traction, it may be to build brand awareness, generate inbound leads, or educating the user-base with respect to a certain feature of your product.

Have goals that are relevant and measurable

Your goals help you determine the kind of video you should produce. If you’re looking to build brand awareness – do a short ad. Want to improve customer retention? Create video tutorials for different features.

Keeping in mind the outcomes you desire, you can then formulate the specifications of your product video strategy: if you want to build brand awareness and recall, make a short ad which defines your brand in line with current issues. Similarly, for a SaaS marketer looking to generate inbound leads, creating a walkthrough video through the platform may help.

Setting the goal early on can help you streamline the logistical process of video production. However, if you’re looking to create videos at scale, a tool like StoryXpress might be of help.

TL;DR - Ask the big questions – why are you making this video and how will it help your brand?

3. Have a compelling call-to-action (CTA)

Your CTA is directly related to both the above points, i.e., your target audience and the goals you hope to accomplish using your video marketing strategy.

Some of the common CTAs used by marketers include the following:

  • Buy Now
  • Book a demo
  • Download (a free guide, case study, etc)
  • Join our email list
  • Check us out on social media

TL;DR - Add an interesting CTA with your video to stimulate your audience into an action that could significantly determine the success of your business.

Making a product video is complicated work, but it does not have to be. A fleshed-out video marketing strategy can help you scale your business to new heights. However, if you are already running a large enterprise, you probably have hundreds of products that require a product video. In this case, you might want to check out StoryXpress, a one-stop solution to enterprise-grade product videos, which operates at scale and allows you to create thousands of product videos within minutes using your existing library of images, text copy, small video clips, voiceovers, and other relevant content.

The future of video is here, and at-scale video creation can give your business a boost while being extremely cost-effective. The secret behind a good and effective product video is to pay attention to details and the value you can provide to your audience, which in turn will convert your views into sales, signups, or any other goal.