In a couple of weeks, the wait could finally be put to rest when StoryXpress launches its one and only cam and screen recorder tool, the CLAPBOARD.  

On the surface, it may seem like just another work tool that lets you record stuff. However, diving a bit deeper into its functionalities explains how industries could use Clapboard to boost sales, enhance customer satisfaction and synergize between work employees.

Here's a little more detail on our upcoming product so that you know what you are signing up for and how you can incorporate it into your marketing plans, to maximize profits.  

What is Clapboard?

Clapboard is a Screen and Webcam recorder which allows you to create, edit and share videos in minutes. Also, it is a great way to effectively communicate your ideas, to existing and potential customers, and to keep them updated on all the latest company or product related developments.

If you have been a regular reader of our blogs, you must have realized by now, how important videos are in giving your business an upward thrust. However, most of the marketers, avoid using & incorporating videos in their marketing strategies for they consider videos "too much work".

According to them videos, although effective, yet are expensive to shoot, consume a lot of time, require skillful designing techniques while processing and are hard to store & share.

This is where the Clapboard helps!

Clapboard helps you record your face along with the screen, to make quick, informative and personalized videos.

Let us see how it's done in these 3 easy-peasy steps:  

1. Record

Nobody likes to listen to a Bot or to read through dozens upon dozens of emails. Companies and customers, when associating with a new business, equally look for the touch of humanity. Using the Clapboard, you can easily record yourself and give your customers every little piece of information in a more humanized manner. When you choose to directly involve with your customers, you make the entire process more interactive and delightful.

2. Share

From social networks to websites, everyone loves a good video!

Videos are engaging, exciting an entertaining. So why type and complicate matters when you can quickly reply through videos? Say it-show it, all at once, and straight away share it with a link.

3. Analyze

Once you have recorded and shared videos, you can easily gauge how people across the globe or individually are engaging with them, using the StoryXpress Analytics Platform. Below mentioned are the 7 key metrics that will greatly help you to excel in your business:

1. View count

2. Play rate

3. Engagement

4. Social sharing

5. Click-through rate

6. Conversion rate

7. Feedback

That is not all! There is much much more the tool is capable of. Just stay tuned for the updates and I promise, by the time the product releases, you will be fully aware of all its technicalities.  

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