Reducing customer churn is one of the biggest problems faced by most modern businesses, and is especially pronounced for B2B firms. Too often, customer attentiveness can fall markedly post on boarding, leading to an unsatisfactory experience for clients who are used to being courted and taken care of.

Quite obviously, one of the best ways to combat churn is by forging personal relationships with your customers, so that even in the rare case of poor service, your customers may give you the benefit of the doubt instead of migrating to a competing firm. Statistically speaking, 53% of all customer churn is attributed to poor on boarding, weak relationships and unsatisfactory customer service.

Create A Support System For Every Step Of The Way

Salespeople tend to up the bar when it comes to delighting prospects, which is why many of them find themselves stranded with little to no support after completing their purchase. This is a rather unfortunate, yet preventable circumstance.

A personalized video message may cheer him up?
A personalized video message may cheer him up?

Video can be a great medium for you to impart training material as well as help clients maximize the utility of your product. Using video in all your touch-bases, including when asking for feedback, providing training, cross-selling and upselling, sending feature updates, or even simply saying hello and checking in, can be a great differentiator towards building relationships that are more humanized and consequently stronger.

Why Video?

Human beings respond extremely well to visual stimuli. This is no secret: in fact, the entire success of video marketing is built on this very tendency. Therefore, it makes sense that the customer communications at all points in the customer journey incorporate some sort of visual elements to boost your brand identity. Again, statistics exist to back up this hypothesis.

90% of the human learning is via visual mediums.
Visual learning is also 40% more reliable than information learned through text.
With video stimulating visual as well as auditory receptors in a viewer's brain, recall rate increases to 68%.

Clearly, video can be a game-changer in the arena of relationship building and reducing customer churn by the way of ensuring great customer service over an engaging medium.

Personalized Video As The Backbone Of Your Customer Relationships

Communications personalization via videos is, by far, one of the best ways to make online relationships feel less transnational and more human. As an analogy, personalization mimics the relationships that people forge with their local service providers, and even small-talk customized to the extent of name, gender, and location often serves to create an air of familiarity.

Beyond satisfaction from your product, this air of friendliness and familiarity is the second biggest factor in ensuring that your customers always feel welcome and cared for right till the end of their customer journey.