Branding is a complex game - one which cannot be quantified into numbers and sales statistics. There is a reason why Apple enjoys a cult-like fan following despite better value elsewhere in the technology markets, and why Nike is associated with the idea of inspirational sportsmanship and ambition. A well-produced video can elicit an emotional response from the viewers which will subconsciously bolster the brand identity in the minds of your audience.

Only a decade ago, TV provided the largest medium for visual storytelling. However, in 2019, we have long transcended that age with digital marketing spends on an all-time high and social platforms like Facebook's suite of apps reaching almost 2 billion people on the planet.

So, we know that good video marketing is exceedingly effective.

Why, then, do so many brands fail at it?

This article explores the reasons why companies may find it hard to consistently churn out effective video content, and how platforms like StoryXpress might be able to solve some of the scalable creation obstacles faced by video marketers.

Creating Video Content In Sync With Your Broader Marketing Goals

The goals of your overall marketing strategy will dictate the form and substance of your video marketing content. A clear understanding of your goals can only be achieved by giving a voice to every segment of your company in the vision-creation process. Allow for representation of ideas from various departments, review goals and objectives for various teams, before structuring an overarching story line that helps all your teams move forward towards their milestones.

Often, you may see a video creative by a competing company and feel compelled to create something similar. However, understanding that your voice should be definitively unique is paramount. Even a great video will not help your mission if it is not directly aligned to the granular and overall goals of your company.

Supporting Video into Your Content Strategy

Video creation is a resource-intensive process, especially if you stick to traditional methods (Interested in knowing about non-traditional, scalable methods? Head over to

Hence, it is very easy to be all-consumed by video production. Making a good video is an exhilirating feeling, and can result in a neglect of other avenues.

It is extremely important to understand that good video content should be supplemented by an overarching storyline painted via crisp text-based content as well as other alternative forms of content, including but not limited to infographics and podcasts.

The best course of action for most companies is to re-tailor their existing marketing strategies around video content in a manner that allows their existing brand identity and content to create a support mechanism around the new video content.

Your Video Marketing Content Should Make For An Entertaining Story

It is said that the best marketing doesn't feel like marketing in the first place. This applies even more so to video content. The flipside of video content's magnetic ability to grasp viewer attention is that if you content feels fake and manufactured, it can also have a negative effect on your brand identity.

At No Buffering Needed - The StoryXpress Blog, we curated a list of the best video marketing campaigns of 2018 in a previous article. As you can see from this list, the best video marketing content has substantial entertainment value independent from it's branding and advertising heft.

As an example, you can see Apple's iPhone launch video from September 2018, which is testament to the fact that beyond all other factors, entertaining video content sticks and drives brand recognition more than any other strategy:

So, What Are You Going To Do Next?

There is no doubt that video creation is an expensive, resource intensive process. This means that outfits looking to implement video-based strategies at scale for voluminous product catalogues, like aggregators and e-commerce players, for instance, will invariably run into scale-related issues.

StoryXpress's web-based creator can help your company take care of video marketing strategies at scale in an extremely cost-effective manner, all the way from video creation to hosting and integrated analytics in a one-stop package.

Learn more about how StoryXpress can help your team incorporate video into your marketing strategy.