SaaS companies around the world strive hard to create value out of intangible products. Unlike B2C, they do not have glamorized alternatives in their goody bags, to arouse customers' interest and pull them into their orbits. Therefore, despite building effective software solutions, cloud-based companies find attracting, delighting and converting customers extremely difficult. Still in their nascent stage, many of our SaaS customers seem curious about the correlation between videos and customer conversion & retention.

And we don’t mind satiating their curiosity at all!  

For, of course, it is hard to market products that exist only in the virtual realm. However, come to think of it, just because it is on the web doesn't mean it is any less real or absolute. In fact, it is as true and substantial as is your morning grocery. To transform and sell your virtually real product, you will need videos!  Videos can prove out to be the game changer for your SaaS business. It is an outstanding way of pulling keen customers in and proving them the power, uniqueness and potential of your SaaS products.

When it comes to adding creativity to your videos, the sky is the limit! Videos help bring the smallest yet the strongest aspect of your product out. From Promo to Walkthroughs to Support, Videos have the power to drive your entire Sales, Marketing and Customer success channels forward. It is a great way to establish a comfortable rapport among team members located in different places. Reaching out to the potential customer, you can spread a classic word about your brand simply by providing them a teaser video of your product and what it does.

While pitching your product out in the market, remember that software won’t sell itself. Because no matter how good, if your customers can’t process and see value in it, they would move to companies that could explain their products better. So, in order to attract, convert and retain  customers, your company needs to leverage videos. Here are the top 3 ideas for SaaS companies on using videos:

1. Demo and Explainer Videos

Demo and Explainer Videos

When it comes to Demo videos, SaaS companies hold an incredible advantage of having everything online. When the product itself could be accessed online, nothing else is required to be supplied additionally. While selling software as a service you do not need to ship any demo model or  to give any product specs. This is because you can show the users how exactly they can operate the product, simply through a demo video.

Also, unless your audience already has some kind of experience working on a similar product, they could find your software bizarre and complicated. This is why videos are so powerful. No amount of conversations or convincing can make your audience see the extent of potential that your software holds. For them to believe you, they will have to comprehend the software well.

This is where the videos come into the picture!

Demo videos give a clear and effective picture of how a product works and how it can troubleshoot a client's problems in a jiffy. Imagine you were an owner of multiple residential complexes looking for new software tools to manage these societies. You come across two websites belonging to company X and Y respectively. While X gives you all the right figures and specs, Y has a demo video on its landing page, showcasing how their product helps solve your problem.    

You can easily put a CTA somewhere near the end of the video to urge viewers to take immediate action.

2. Customer Success

Customer Success

Customer Success is a lot about building trust among your customers.

Once a guest becomes a consumer, your customer success team is responsible for giving them the best experience. It can be curated in a number of ways. A customer might come to you with a query or to understand an update or to upgrade their version of a product. Every time this happens, your customer success team needs to fasten their belts and take the best possible measures to make the situation better.

Talking especially about the SaaS companies, every time, a client has a problem they expect to get sorted quickly. Also, they do not appreciate attending a demo with the customer support for every little thing. That is why, a SaaS company needs to behave proactively and build an interactive help center as soon as possible.

What does an interactive help center look like?

An interactive help center encompasses videos to demonstrate every big and small feature of your product. For example, StoryXpress is a video platform that lets you create compelling videos to empower your brand. We make sure our clients have a good understanding of our product, and can figure out a lot of things easily and on their own, simply by going through our help center. From how to create a video using the StoryXpress Recorder to how to add audio to your video, to how to change the color of your video player, we have a video on every that thing which could possibly trouble our customers’ mind. By optimizing your help center with videos you save both, the company as well as its customers, a lot of time and energy.

What do I like the most about our support system is that we understand that software could sometimes be hard to work with, and can even falter sometimes. But what we are best at is accepting our shortcomings, and making sure we help our customers at every step by giving them the world’s best customer support system.

3. Case Studies and Testimonies

Case Studies and Testimonies

Building consumer confidence is pretty important in setting up an image for your company. Consumer testimonies are proof of your company’s caliber. Also, such testimonies are important because they come directly from the mouth of people who have no association with the company, and are completely unbiased while reviewing it. SaaS products are usually priced higher, and therefore, customers when investing, make sure they hear others’ opinion of it.

Let the people speak for you. There is nothing as trustworthy as real people advocating your Brand. Give your clients space on your videos and let them go completely gaga over you and the kind of work you do.  You can get clients to endorse you, telling how happy they have been working with you.

Wrapping up

If SaaS companies could learn to use video marketing to their benefit, they can do wonders. It is important to understand that though steep, B2B companies around the world need web based services to ease their process, streamline channels and accelerate growth. It would be stupid to scrape off a product from the market just because you couldn't find an audience for it. Because, if what you have created is something really innovative, and still you aren't getting any advances, you might be marketing it wrong. What is the right way you ask?

Well, what else than Video Marketing!

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