I have been researching a whole lot on retail lately, to help my readers understand the many secrets behind "Selling Products Online Successfully".

My research has convinced me that most sellers online are aware of the strategies which will help them improve their website's sales, and yet, have very limited knowledge in employing them.

Well-versed in the usage of content marketing, our modern-day retailer realizes that smart & compelling blogs can do wonders for his/her brand. The modern day retailer also believes that customer success is as important as Marketing & Sales.

Having said that, he continues to fail at putting these well-meaning ideas into action! This is why it is necessary to understand that when it comes to online selling, actionable plans which give quick & permanent results are important to formulate & achieve. Therefore, in this blog, I am going to share some handy actionable tips on "How to be a successful online seller", for both beginners & pros, to help you surpass all your past sales record.

Top 6 Ways to Increase Online Sales:

1. Content Marketing to Attract Prospects

Content Marketing to Attract Prospects

The reason why content is great for gaining prospects' attention and converting them into loyal buyers is that it solves problems, without being intrusive.

When you could successfully build a bridge between "what your customers want" and "how they can achieve it", you give them a hard to find but precious gift of knowledge.   .

Conversion-optimized Content Marketing is a gift that helps create connections, forge relationships and build an audience.

2. Clear Product Titles & Descriptions

Clear Product Titles & Descriptions

Give clear titles & descriptions that are easy to understand. Don't act witty while creating headings to avoid confusion. As soon as a viewer lands upon the buying page, they should be able to see at once what you are selling and what your product's USP is.

Make sure you jot down everything that comes with the package in the description. For example, if you are selling a Microwave that comes with baking utensils and a recipe guidebook, give them a mention.

3. Reward Customers on Every Purchase  

Reward Customers on Every Purchase

Now, I am not asking you to gift your customers something exorbitantly expensive; but anything sweet, surprising & memorable. This technique works wonderfully well for the cosmetics industry that often rewards its customers with free face-masks, beauty product samples, etc packed in Branded Custom Boxes.

Since you own an online store, you cannot gift your customers anything in advance, other than good content. However, you can always win their love & commitment by giving them attractive freebies along with the purchases that they make.

4. Social Media to Leverage Sales  

Social Media to Leverage Sales

If there is one thing that a considerable number of online sellers are doing wrong, it is putting too much emphasis on the traditional methods of sales.

They hold their lack of experience in sales responsible for the plummeting sales figures. But what they fail to see is that in today's world, social media plays a far more important role in bringing people together and making sales happen.

Today, you don't need to rave about what you do and how good you do it to do great sales. Building relationships on social media will make sure that you get new customers who stay loyal till long. These days, a brand's online presence has become much more important than empty uninspiring and repetitive sales pitches.

5. Great Quality Product Videos

Great Quality Product Videos

Everyone likes to watch good videos. They are super sticky and entertaining, and as a reason, are watched and shared more often.

Unlike long winding product descriptions, videos are easy to consume and process. According to Forbes, "90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions." Well, you can mitigate opinions but it is hard to ignore facts!

High-quality videos are your closest bet to giving your audience a great understanding of the product. Videos help customers visualize what they are getting and how best they can use it.

6.  A/B Testing to get Perfect Research

A/B Testing to get Perfect Research

Split testing is a great experiment that you can put in place to check out what works best for your brand. See, every brand has a different story. And therefore, what worked for one might not work for the others. If a Company needs to stand out from the crowd, it must come up with its own special style, tone, color, branding, etc.

But how do you know which style is the best pick for your brand? Well, you do the split test, also known as A/B testing, to see what is and what is not working. Whether you are placing a CTA on a newsletter or establishing a color for your website, A/B testing is your best bet.

Wrapping up..

All in all, selling online isn't just about the product but about the personality of the product as well.  The best products in the world aren't just known for the services they render but also for the ideologies they stand for. Take Nike for example. It's tag line "just do it", and the various women uplifting initiatives it takes, speaks for its brand value and its idea of equality. Audiences automatically relate to the belief that Nike stands, and align their buying habits accordingly.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions that you think will add value to this blog, please feel free to contact us.