This blog post is all about how to use sales videos to book more meetings.

When you request a prospect to book a meeting with you, you essentially demand something they can't afford to waste - time.

If you want your leads to use some time and book a meeting with you, you must stand out. And a textual email doesn't help.

However, videos do. Videos are remarkable when it comes to booking meetings.

A video cuts across all the boundaries of mediocrity and helps you stand out in the inbox of even the most uptight managers.

Through this blog post, we aim to bring to you methods and devices to implement sales videos as an effective communication strategy with your prospects.

We'll also attempt to bring forth a complete overview of how to use sales videos to make your prospects book meetings with you.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

What are Sales Videos?

Sales videos are videos created to share with prospects, or target audiences to bring in sales.

However, the term sales video is used rather liberally. Much like all the other important sales tools, marketing teams eagerly use this term to identify the marketing videos they create.

All said and done, more often than not, the goal of a sales video is to bring in conversions and increase the engagement on content from leads, prospects, and valuable, eminent personalities of the industry that will directly or indirectly play a role in bringing in more business.

Here’s a wonderful sales video created by Dell in the promotional format (advertisement):

Yes, a commercial counts as a sales video: in this case a product promo sales video.

There are other formats of sales videos as well, even tutorials are a part of this, and so are demo videos or how-to videos related to one product.

Here’s a feature-based how-to sales video from Dell:

Benefits of Sales Videos

So what’s all the buzz about?

Well, this is an extremely exciting topic for us, because we are putting our best foot forward with our tool - the StoryXpress Screen Recorder to enable sales teams to grab all the benefits of sales videos.

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Video Platform for High Performing Teams

Here are a few of those that are important for any sales team, no matter what the industry:

Grab Eyeballs

Videos are unlike any other format in the market today. They are fun, engaging, and still extremely informative.

People tend to be so attracted to videos, which probably explains the boom in video platforms on the internet today.

Here is the deal, people are bored of reading sales emails.

There is virtually nothing new to be found in a sales email. It is the same old format of self-praise and call-to-action in every paragraph. Maybe only a few very niche audiences are keen on reading such emails for some very unique products.

But even the best of the best like Steve Jobs himself, relied on live telecasts of launches to create the undeniable buzz around Apple products.

Add the Personal Touch

sales video

It is obvious that the climate around sales has changed, but somehow the atmosphere remains the same. Your prospects want to be impressed regardless of whether you do it with a dinner or an email or an offer.

In such a case where the longing for building a personal relationship with the business is maintained, and even at a rise during the ongoing pandemic: videos are your best friend.

Recording yourself for a sales video specially for a client is so heart warming for any prospect. It indicates that you care. Not only you care, but also you are willing to put forth the effort required to create this elaborate video (however, the StoryXpress Screen Recorder will make this entirely an effortless process, don’t worry).

Videos Show Your Product’s Worth

When it comes to sales emails, let’s face it, it’s all talk.

And even if you are substantiating your claims with facts, hardly any prospect will open and inspect for themselves instantaneously. Only when they are deeper into the funnel, does this type of inspection take place.

Videos are good at making a killer first impression because you see what you will get. There are no unnecessary doubts in the minds of your prospects like “Ah, whatever, this is all good, but will it work?"

They see it working with their own eyes, and if your product is all that jazz, then you can bet that the very first sales video can be a direct doorway to instant conversions.

And for those thinking that they might require an elaborate setup to create videos that showcase their product, you are mistaken, my friend. All you need is a screen recorder that lets you record your webcam and screen.

How to Use Sales Videos to Book More Meetings

Sales videos specifically designed to book meetings are no different than any other kind of sales video, be it a promotional video or a pitch.

The only real difference lies in the personalization that is brought to the video when it is being used solely to book a meeting.

You can follow these few simple steps to create a good-looking sales video to book meetings instantly with qualified leads that will lead to conversions.

Ideation and Building on the Basics to Create a  Killer Script

A video created to book a meeting doesn’t exactly go like “Hey, remember our product that I have been desperately trying to sell to you, let’s get in touch!”. No, just no.

When it comes to creating a sales video, you need to conceptualize a video compelling enough, but not obvious enough.

Never sound desperate, ever, in any sales video. The product should speak for itself, and the prospect must be lured in without ever having to know the fact that they are being lured.

This requires certainty of vision. Think about it, think about the various factors at play that will get you that meeting.

The number one thing here is your prospect. Who is he or she? What authority do they have, what are the problems that they are facing?

Once you have the answers to these, enters your product. How can your product be of value for this specific problem case?

Make a compelling argument based on facts and figures. And only then ask to get in touch. This way you have a higher success rate.

Based on this, and the inherent nature of your industry and product, craft a solid idea and follow it up with a rough sketch or script.

Bonus Read: How to Write a Video Script

Choosing the Right Tools for Realizing the Sales Video

See, the one thing that makes videos so irrepressible is the show and tell.

Especially, if you are selling software or online service, a screen recording of your product is a must-have. Always reserve a space in your rough sketch or script for the visual screen recording of your product at play.

Further, select the right tools that will aid you to bring out the best in your product. A screen recorder, good lighting setup, a decent camera, a good enough mic. These are the tools and equipment that you will need to realize those ideas.

StoryXpress offers you everything you need when it comes to creating sales videos to book meetings.

Getting a Grip on Post Production, Edits, and Cuts

After you have your first draft ready, then comes the real challenge aka editing. Editing is one of the most tedious and important processes in video making in general. And sales videos are no different.

Before you begin editing, it is recommended you revisit your first sketch so you get the vision that you started with rekindled in your memory. This will drive you to make a masterpiece.

Depending upon the conceptualization and budget of your sales video, you might need a professional-grade editor.

But let me tell you, StoryXpress comes with an editor inbuilt, and sales teams using our product never bother with expensive editing platforms. They are elaborate and confusing.

Using the StoryXpress video editor, you can trim, crop, and blur sections of videos. You can even add clips for the outro and intro.

Make Your Videos Publish Ready

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Add the CTA Directly into the Video

You want to create a sales video that helps you book more meetings, right? Don’t wait for your prospects to go through the rest of the email to find a link to book a meeting.

You can simply add a compelling CTA within the video using StoryXpress. Add your calendar to the video and let the viewers book a meeting while watching the video.

Don't Leave Your Prospects Clueless

Add CTAs to Your Videos

Compose, Embed, and Send!

Okay, so your sales video is ready. Re-watch it for yourself, if it is possibly a really important and big sale, you might want to share it with your entire team. Once your team approves, embed this video into the email.

Now, when you use the StoryXpress Screen Recorder, you get a hosting platform customized to your liking so everything your prospect views is in your direct control.

You can choose how the player looks, how the page on which the video is embedded looks, add your logo, and grab that sale.

Best Practices for Creating Sales Videos

Always, Always Add a CTA

Reiterating this point, as mentioned above, always add a call-to-action within the video without fail.

Make them click right the second they have that inclination. Add a call-to-action that compels them to click. Add a calendar CTA, and let them book meetings with a click!

Add "VIDEO" to your Subject Line

Adding the word video will give you a boost in clickthrough rates like never before. Keep your subject line somewhat revolving around videos.

Keep the Tone Conversational

Whatever you do, do not read from a script. This is not a recitation.

Keep it casual, engage on a more human level, don’t set unnecessary boundaries. It shows through the screen, and nobody likes it, not even uptight managers.

Add Visuals and a Compelling Thumbnail

Use those screen recordings, add images, add graphics, and whatever visuals you deem fit. Show them, don’t just tell them what you bring to the table.

And in line with this philosophy, use an extremely potent thumbnail in your email. It should make the viewer excited about your video. Use GIF thumbnails, or curate an image that speaks out to your prospects.

Make it Personal

Make the video about your prospect. Mention their problems, tell them you know them and care about them. This is important, as childish as it sounds, this is the first rule of effective sales.

You have to ensure the prospect feels like they matter. A simple personal reference goes a long way. If your kids go to the same school, mention it! You have to show your prospects that you are more than just a guy or a girl wanting to make a sale.

To conclude, the one thing I would like to reiterate is - always, always, always add a call-to-action within your video.

Frontload Key Information

Considering that your prospect is willing to spend time on your message, make it worthwhile by front loading key information, Get to the meat of the message in the first few seconds. Open the video with a bang and maintain high energy whilst delivering the message.

Combine Text and Video to Deliver a Message

Using email and text in a single touch point is an effective way of delivering a memorable message. The text of your email can be used to establish context and suspense. The text can be used to either reinforce the message delivered via video or direct more attention to the video’s message.

For eg. If you are reaching out to a prospect regarding a special offer you can refer to the same in the text of the email while providing the specifics in the video.

Employ Visual Aids to Make the Video memorable

Video is a great opportunity to showcase your creative side, use visual aids liberally to make your video stand out, a simple way of doing this is through using a whiteboard and having a written message like a discount code. Visual aids can also be as simple as the product you sell. For eg. if you are selling products such as shoes or apparel, you can use video recordings to give customers a quick glimpse of the product and pique their interest.

Hope this post helps you. If you are struggling with the conceptualization of your sales videos, here are a few templates for help!