You may have created the best sales video ever but what if your viewers still bounce off without getting in touch with you?

If your prospects are clueless about what to do next they certainly won’t take any action.

If you want them to book a meeting with you, visit your landing page or check out your social media handles, you must escort them.

And, how do you do that? By using compelling call-to-actions.

Strategic CTAs are crucial to guide the users through the buyer’s journey.

This blog post is the ultimate guide to inserting videos in your CTAs. We shall begin with understanding what CTAs are and why you should use them.

We shall also see how you can insert CTAs in your blog post using StoryXpress.

Let’s begin!

What are CTAs?

CTA stands for call to action. Here is a video explaining what CTAs are -

CTAs are the part of a webpage, advertisement, video or a piece of content that encourages the audience to take the action you want them to.

The action may be anything. It may be booking a meeting, visiting a landing page, downloading an app or a browser extension or simply watching the video till the end.

CTAs help businesses convert visitors into customers. However, that doesn’t mean every CTA a prospect clicks on should lead to a payment page.

Different CTAs are used at different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Depending on what stage the user is at, you can design and insert CTAs.

Why CTAs?

To answer the question, you should use CTAs because CTAs help convert.

Your marketing or sales assets may be getting tons of traffic, but until you convert them, they are no good.

And that’s exactly what CTAs help you with.

CTAs help engage your prospects better and escort them to the next step in the buyer's journey.


CTAs not only can convert viewers to customers, but also create opportunities for deep engagement, and make the overall experience with your videos easier and enjoyable.

With the right CTAs, your prospects are not left guessing or clueless. They know what you want them to do next and if they are impressed enough, they do it! As simple as that.

Adding CTAs to Your Videos With StoryXpress

StoryXpress provides you with various options to add your CTAs. Primarily, you can add -

  1. Buttons
  2. Banners
  3. Lead Generation Forms
  4. Calendar to Book Meetings

Go to your StoryXpress dashboard and click on ‘Videos’ to see all the videos you have uploaded or recorded.

Select the video you want to add a CTA to. Once selected, you should see this. Click on ‘Call-to-Actions’ to see the various options available.

Clicking on Call-to-Actions should lead you here.

Here you can see the four different ways you can add CTAs to your videos namely buttons, forms, banners and booking meetings.

You can select any of these four options and add the required CTAs to your video. For each of these, you can play with various styles, plus you can decide where the CTA appears in the video.

How to Decide Which CTA is Apt for You?

A CTA doesn’t always have to be a button. There are various types of CTAs ranging from buttons and banners to lead generation forms and booking meetings.

However, depending on your target audience and the type of message that you want to convey, you need to decide which CTA is apt for you.


A button is generally ideal for cases where you want to redirect your prospects/viewers to another landing page.

Buttons don’t stop your videos altogether and appear in  a certain part of the frame.

Likewise, a banner is what you use when you have to display a coupon code, an offer or a general piece of information but you don’t want your audience to be redirected to any other page.

Banners are not clickable.

Lead generation forms allow you to collect your prospect’s contact information such as name and email address.

You can integrate your StoryXpress account with a few leading CRMs such as HubSpot and ActiveCampaign to insert custom lead generation forms and see your leads directly in the CRM.

Finally, you can insert your calendar in the video when you want the lead to book a session with you.

This generally comes in handy when you are already in touch with the lead and are sharing video content to nurture them.

Bonus Watch: How to Optimize Conversions by Improving Your CTAs

Where to Insert CTAs in Your Videos?

Although there are no rules for inserting CTAs in your videos, it’s important that you go by some best practices while optimising your videos.

You can either place your CTAs at the very beginning of the video, in the middle of it or towards the end.

The placement of CTAs in your videos may not seem to make a lot of difference but in real-life, it can be the deciding factor behind a user responding to it or not.

Placing your CTAs at the very beginning of the video ensures that every viewer sees them and has an opportunity to click.

But when it is at the start, your prospects don’t know why they should click, if it is the right offer for them or not and are more likely to skip the CTA, or worse, stop watching the video.

Placing your CTAs in the middle of the video targets your viewers when they are engaged the most.

However, we must not forget that CTAs, after all, are an interruption and placing them in the middle disrupts the natural rhythm and flow of your video.

This can ruin the user experience altogether and they may again not feel like watching the video or completing it.


Inserting your CTAs towards the end of the video ensures the viewer is highly interested before being presented with a CTA.

But, not every prospect will watch the video till the end and thus your CTA may have lesser reach than you expect.

What do you do now?

Depending on whether you are already in touch with the lead or not, you can strategically place your CTAs.

For instance, if it is the first time you’re contacting someone, it may not be a good idea to insert the CTA within the first few seconds of the video.

Having said that, there are cases where it makes sense to insert the CTA in the first half of the video. For example, if you have launched a new feature, you can let the prospects leave the video and try it out, rather than watching a demo video.

Likewise, if you want your prospects to book a session with you, it is a good idea to start the conversation in the video and request them to book a session with you to continue, towards the end of the video.

Thus, there is no rule of thumb for where to insert CTAs in your videos, rather it depends on what your goals and objectives are.

Videos are one of the best ways to engage your audience. But, it’s crucial that you use the right strategy to convert that engagement.

Don’t leave it to your users to figure out what to do next. Guide them closely through the buyer’s journey and you’d definitely see an impressive surge in your conversion rates.

And yes, don’t forget to make your CTAs super compelling and attractive. Play with colors and see what resonates with your brand tone.

Good luck!