Calendly Integration with StoryXpress to
Close the Loop Encourage Conversations Book More Meetings

Let your prospects block your calendar from within the video itself, just after you convince them


Inspire Your Prospects to Connect With You

You made an awesome video to convince your prospects but how do you make it actionable ? For your prospects to connect to you and take it forward?

Don’t leave them clueless, help them book a meeting from within the video. Integrate StoryXpress with Calendly to let your prospects book time with you, right from your video page. No need to chase them with your calendar URL anymore!

  • Encourage more conversations and close the loop
  • No need to share your Calendly link in the description box
  • Less overhead, no follow-up emails, more meetings

Scheduling In-Video Meetings Just Got Easier

It’s super easy to let users book a Calendly meeting with your prospects. Decide where in the video you want the calendar to show up, select the type of event or use a custom Calendly inline embed code. You can also choose to make the calendar booking compulsory.

  • Easy-to-setup integration

  • One-click calendar insertion

  • Use the HTML code or insert the default form

Tracking How Viewers are Responding to Your Forms

Even if they don’t book a meeting, use the StoryXpress heatmaps and engagement graphs to understand how exactly the prospect received your video. Share a trackable video link with them and see if they watched the entire video, skipped sections, or replayed certain parts.

Thus, even if they don’t book a meeting, you know how engaged they were and can certainly retarget them later.

  • Detailed video heatmaps and engagement data
  • Understanding the viewer behavior better
  • Retargeting warm leads

Use StoryXpress Videos to Warm Up Leads

You shared a Calendly link with your prospects, & they did book a meeting with you. But, what next? Rather than waiting for the meeting, initiate a warm connection with your prospects using a video landing page so that they get a feel of who they’re meeting up with! Create a StoryXpress video and re-direct your leads to that video page once they are booked with you.

  • Initiating a human contact before the meeting
  • Answer some elementary questions or provide preliminary information
  • Set a context for the meeting so that they actually look forward to it

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Some of the Most Powerful Brands Show
Their Love for StoryXpress

StoryXpress Recorder is now my #1 tool to create instant sales, tutorial and explanation videos using my OWN logo and business brand.

The customization and additional tools like video embedding and playlists are amazing.

Way to go, Team StoryXpress for making me look like a rock star.

Alvin Parra

(StoryXpress Recorder User)

Loving it so far. Our product marketing team started using it first for building tutorial vids for our product features.

But then our customer support & success teams started using it for helping customers with queries and on-boarding.

Mighty impressed by how easy to use this product is. Too good!

Gaurav Sharma

(StoryXpress Recorder User)

I really like the ability to record your screen, face and audio. Great for communicating with your teammates or just for personal use.

You can create videos and edit them. You can have the ability to have a video landing page with a CTA and have the ability to check the video's analytics.

It can be used for sales as well.


(StoryXpress Recorder User)

4.9 / 5

4.7 / 5

4.5 / 5

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