There are reasons 94% of video marketers reported that video has helped increase user understanding of their products or services.

That trend will not stop soon. A recent survey suggests that 99 percent of current video marketers said they will continue to use video in 2021.

Many business organizations know the secrets of video marketing and have incorporated it as part of their brand-building strategy. Video content can help you create a healthy connection with your audience and build your brand.

No business that wants to build its brand can afford to ignore the vast potentials that video marketing has got to offer.

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The following are ways video marketing can help entrepreneurs build a brand.

It Creates More and Better Impressions

Are you looking for a way to build your brand? Try video marketing. If you want to develop the right brand awareness, you must create a good impression of your business.

People are more likely to pay attention when the content is in video format. Nothing fascinates and captures attention like well-produced video content. Viewers are more likely to remember a piece of information presented in a video.

Some video tools like StoryXpress let you add video content to your marketing campaigns to increase lead generation.

Below are some things you should know about making impressionable videos:

  • Know your audience—If you are making the right video for the wrong audience, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Your journey to producing video content, or any other content, begins with understanding who your audience is. The best way to know your audience is by conducting research that will reveal what they are searching for. The result will guide you in producing the appropriate video content for your audience.
  • Be unique—One problem with many video content marketers is attempting to copy another brand’s style. While there is nothing wrong with learning and copying what others are doing right, you must resist the temptation to look like another brand. People want to see originality in video content, not something similar. One thing that will set your video content apart from the rest is to be creative. You can learn how to be more creative and take advantage of the content gaps of your competitors.
  • Invest in Quality—Nothing is as off-putting as a poor-quality video. A little investment in some video production gadgets will pay great dividends. Your video must have coherent messages and quality images to grab attention and make an impact.
  • Be Consistent—Your video content must consistently reflect your brand’s identity. Developing a consistent theme around your videos will make it easier for people to recognize your brand.

There are several ways to be consistent in your video content.

  1. Consistent publication—The best way to keep your audience loyal to your brand is to maintain a consistent video release schedule. Without consistency in your video marketing strategy, your audience will easily lose interest and move to other brands.
  2. Consistent style—It is a good thing when your audience knows what to expect when they click on any of your videos.
  3. Consistent message—Like your style, your message must center on the core values your audience associates with your brand.

It Builds Trust

Without trust, it is difficult for a potential customer to take the next step of committing to a brand. Trusting a brand plays a huge role in convincing people to part with their hard-earned money.

With millions of brands selling different products and services, it becomes hard to know which one to trust.

Video marketing is an effective tool for building trust in your potential customers for your brand. Video enables brands to communicate with their audience in real-time and this can help people take further steps in their buyer’s journey.

You can use the following strategies to build trust with your video content.

  • Make brand testimonial videos—People become more convinced about your products and services when they see your real customers endorsing your brand. If your brand is good for some people, it may be great for others.
  • Show those behind your brand—Showing your audience the faces of the people behind your brand is one way to personalize your videos. People want to know that those behind a brand are like them and understand their feelings.

It Makes Your Brand Stand Out

Although many business organizations offer the same products and services to their audience, some brands stand out more than others.

Businesses that stand out from their competition have mastered the art of communicating the core values of their brands to their audience.

With video, people can learn what they stand to gain by investing their time and resources in your brand.

Video is a dominant medium for putting humanity in your marketing strategies. With video, people can see beyond your marketing and have a glimpse into your brand’s mission.

Unlike other marketing content, video captures your brand’s genuine expression and creates a stronger bond with your audience.

To make your brand stand out through your video content:

  • Write a video script—Much thought and planning goes into producing successful marketing video content. Writing out and digesting the video script will give the presenters confidence to capture all necessary details in the video.
  • Focus on your target audience and channel—Focusing on your audience and the platform where you want to share the video is good. Your audience will determine your mood, delivery style, and the length of the video.

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It is Easy to Share

People share billions of content with others every day. A New York Times research revealed that the following are the top five reasons people share content online.

  • People want to better the lives of others.
  • People want the content to reflect their online identity.
  • People want to grow and nourish relationships.
  • People share because they like the feeling of having others comment on it and engage.
  • People want to spread the word about something that they believe.

Video is one of the most shareable online content. The latest statistics show that YouTube currently has over 2.3 billion users worldwide.

So why is video so easy to share?

People are passionate beings and get drawn to emotional content. People will share content that appeals to their emotions with others.

Business owners can take advantage of this and create content that appeals to people’s emotions and increase the chances of being shared online.

Let your audience help you publicize your content. Some productivity tools make it easy to share your videos on many social media platforms.

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It Gives Your Brand More Visibility

Reaching more customers is the goal of every business. Customers keep businesses alive and kicking. Without them, no enterprise will survive.

Many successful marketers have used video content to reach more customers and take their businesses to the next level.

A good video content marketing strategy will create awareness for your brand and convert your audience into paying customers.

If you are using video as part of your content marketing strategy and not seeing results, you are doing something wrong.

Some ways to get the most out of your video marketing strategy include:

  • Don’t focus on your brand—­­People don’t like to be sold. When you focus on your brand in your video content, people become circumspect. Always remember that what your audience wants are answers to their problems.
  • No call-to-action—Your audience wants you to ask them to take some steps that will lead to solving their problems. Many people are reluctant to make up their minds about committing to a product or service. Experts, however, agree that an effective call to action helps your audience decide.

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It Helps in Better Customer Conversion

The bottom line of content marketing is not how many people you reach with your video, but how many you can convert to paying customers.

Apart from engagement, video content can increase your conversion rate. The road to conversion starts with getting people’s attention. Videos grab the attention of your audience better than text and static images. When you get your audience’s attention, it becomes easier to sell your brand to them.

Video content makes your audience relate more to your business when they see a face behind your brand.

For maximum impact, it is vital to create video content that your audience wants to see. The video content you put out depends on the stage your audience is in the customer journey.

The different videos include:

  • Product videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Educational videos
  • Company culture videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Interview videos

Great for Mobile Devices

Can you think of anyone without a mobile device connected to the internet?

Videos on mobiles are a powerful combination. Statistics show many brands are making more sales through mobile video than on other marketing platforms.

The number of mobile device users is growing astronomically, and more people get their content in real-time and on the go.

Making your video content mobile-friendly is a great way to take advantage of the growing number of mobile users.

Without optimizing your video, the content will not fit properly on mobile screens. The following are some tips to help you make your video content mobile-friendly.

  • Use the correct length of videos—The length of your videos depends on the type of video you want to put out. Potential customers need short videos that will grab their attention and pique their interest. Those who started their customer journey with you need longer videos on how to get the best from your products and services.
  • Use the correct video format—Using the right format to produce your videos will ensure that it loads fast on mobile devices. Consumers are becoming more impatient. You will lose your audience if your video takes forever to load.
  • Mobiles love large texts—Remember to use large text in your video content if you want mobile users to see and read them. Texts that appear big on large screens become much smaller on mobile devices.

Fortunately, some free MP4 editors can help you create quality videos and store them in small file sizes.

Easier to Understand

You have heard of the saying that “… a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, it gets much better when it is a video.

No other medium can incorporate the other marketing content. You can use video to show text, pictures, infographics, and links.

Videos simplify information and make your message easy to understand. There are several ways videos make learning easy.

  • Video removes conjecture.
  • Our brains process video content quicker.
  • Video is effective for self-learning.

Wrapping it Up

Video marketing should be part of any business that wants to build its brand and make an impact.

There are billions of online content. People do not have the patience or the time to go through everything sent their way.

Using video will help you engage your audience and also help nudge potential customers towards committing to your brand.