In recent years, Quora has turned into a knowledge hub where people from all backgrounds converge to discuss a wide variety of topics.

Product videos are no different, and for this list, we dived deep into a never-ending collection of Quora answers to find the best, most informative and balanced answers to your biggest product video queries.

But, that’s not all!

We also reached out to the StoryXpress team for their opinions on these answers and inputs. By adding our own experience of the product video industry into the mix, these answers should give you a comprehensive insight into maximizing the potential of your online business using product videos.

Read Miljana Mitic's answer to Can product videos help to increase your eCommerce sales? on Quora

Aman, who is a developer at StoryXpress, couldn’t agree more with this answer. “While most of the online case studies are old, there is no questioning the power of video in driving up conversions, especially for e-commerce. The scale problem plagued product video for a long time, but today with solutions like Idomoo, SundaySky, and obviously StoryXpress itself, it has been solved and the path towards scaling the advantage of video to large product lines comprising tens of thousands of items is now much clearer.”

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“Video production has traditionally been an expensive part of the customer acquisition and retention process. This answer gets right the various variables in production costing, but more importantly, it highlights the fundamental problem with legacy techniques: you need to repeat this long process for every product,” says Ankit, co-founder & CEO at StoryXpress.

He further stresses, “Our goal is to not only bring down the time associated with creating product videos but also cut down the marginal cost per additional video, allowing large-scale retailers to finally roll out videos for all their products instead of curated lines.”

Read Bobby Lin's answer to How do you make a good product video? on Quora

Jonathan, one of our Customer Success Executives, mildly agrees with this answer. “With Product Videos, a script (essentially a template) mostly depends upon the category of the product and by now, having made thousands of product videos for retailers like Target and Unilever, we’re quite confident about which templates work well with what categories. Call-to-actions are available for all StoryXpress videos, which means that large-scale deployment of automated videos is mostly bottleneck-free at this point."

Read Sruthi S's answer to Are animated product videos more effective than videos with real humans? on Quora

“I think the biggest selling point for animated videos is that they cost much lesser than live action videos, where you need to cover additional expenses for equipment, models, and location. They also aren’t readily scalable,” says Tanya, one of our star business development executives.

Ankit begs to differ a little. “A combination of live action video personalized using custom fields can work well. Campaigns like these used to be rare, I think Cadbury did one a few years ago, but with more scalable technology and faster turnaround times at StoryXpress, personalized video marketing is an exciting prospect for most B2C brands looking to drive customer loyalty.”

That was all from our team.

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