For long, brands deployed written content strategies to keep their audiences informed and educated,  and to place a solid footing in their respective markets. The Inbound way of attracting, engaging  and delighting customers, as introduced by HubSpot, has turned out to be a great hit among marketers and Sales professionals, world-over.

Truly, a lot has changed over the past few years as far as doing business online goes! However, consumers' expectations from their favorite brands and buying behavior haven't changed much.  

Technology has also made it easier to reach out to a pretty large audience at any given time, perform A/B tests and explore what is best for the business. Additionally, it has blessed us with multiple means of communication, which we often use in various ways to make a professional move and close more high-value accounts. But, from love to war to business, consumers' feelings and behavioral patterns towards exploring the market and making a purchase decision haven't changed much.

This is why, whether it is B2B or B2C, trust, credibility and  communication still play an extremely major role in influencing customers' decisions.

And today, if I had to solely rely on one single mode of communication to grab my audience's attention and gain maximum benefit,  HANDS-DOWN, it would be VIDEOS!    

Here are the 5 major ways Sales, marketing and product teams can leverage videos to make a deep, genuine and one-to-one connect with prospects & customers.

Videos to help your business teams create engagement over time

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People are busy. They don't have time to sit and read long-form articles. However, videos are famous among people of all generations. Everyone enjoys watching a good video that could explain any complicated phenomenon in minutes.  

In the case of SaaS companies, even before the marketers have built the ground for awareness, there is a need to own a product that is sellable. Once, the product is in place, videos do the job of building awareness, credibility and trust, wonderfully. Videos let prospects see what they can expect from a product, and if or not, it is worth their time and money.  

Establishing Personalized relationships at scale

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I find it really weird when I see brands spam a large audience in the name of marketing. If you are trying to reach out to people, to solve their problems and make their lives better, you first need to understand who your customer is, what problems does he face that your product can solve and how you can customize your solutions to suit his needs.  

When you send people emails that are solely text-based, you are missing out on expressing yourself to the fullest, delivering your authentic self and building that special one-to-one connect.  

What do the marketers and sales reps need more than anything else in this world to excel at their jobs?

Videos at scale!

Leveraging videos to create unique tailor-made-messages for each of your customers ensures a genuine relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Embracing new technology to stay a step ahead in the game

Embracing new technology to stay a step ahead in the game
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Now there are multiple ways of connecting with your prospects or customers. And with time, all thanks to technology, the means of communication will keep getting better.

Let us say, you can connect with your prospects through texts, calls or videos. Now, if you are an old-school, you would probably want to stick with the bygone methods of communication.

Now, let us face it, there is nothing wrong with interacting with your audience through texts or calls. But, it is pretty hard to get the snapchat generation's attention by implementing the bygone methods of communication.

Today's generation wants to see what you got, in order to believe, connect with and do business with you. So, you must leverage videos now, to put out your best self forward quickly and get the attention of the new generation that is born and bred on Videos.    

Storytelling through videos to invoke interest and improve CTR

Now I can read in the dark.
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For the native video generation, creating and consuming video comes naturally. When I say native video generation, I mean the one that likes to connect with each other through videos and is already running multiple V-Blogs online. To get the attention of  this particular section of the audience, you will have to include videos in your business strategies.  

Storytelling is an art of keeping your video line crisp, engaging and exciting. A good story line gently draws in the attention of the viewer (along with an attractive thumbnail also does the trick) It makes them curious to stay and checkout where is the message leading you to.

What makes storytelling through videos great is that you can combine data and personalized messages together in the storyline to make your delivery more accurate and impactful.

Video: one of the most effective methods of communication.

Video: one of the most effective methods of communication.
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Whether you are reaching out through textual content or calls, you can never really satisfy your prospects.

Videos, on the other hand, say everything without overwhelming the prospect with tons of information. Because, in order to make a point clear, you would need to write long-form blogs if you want someone to understand.

However, through videos, you can make your prospects understand even the most complex of subjects simply by showing them how to do it! Imagine how hard it would be to replace the sim of mobile if all you had a textual guide to do it. However, if someone could show you the process through a video that wouldn't even be a minute long. You can master it right after.

That is the power of videos!  

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Wrapping up ..

Videos help you grow faster by amplifying your message and humanizing your marketing as well as sales campaigns.  Additionally, simply by placing a CTA towards the end of any video, you can drive a desired action among the viewers. This leads them to act on their emotions immediately.