The journey towards setting-up and establishing a business can never be a linear one; it comes with its own highs & lows. But how quickly a brand bounces back from failures is its ultimate measure of adaptability towards change. And let's face it, in today's world, change is the only constant!

The ultimate Growth-Hack is to keep your eyes open, experiment more, embrace smarter trends and talk VIDEOS!

However, in spite of using that every trick in the trade, you could still be struggling with selling top-class products that solve real problems. Why, because of the bad & primitive online sales techniques business owners employ on their websites.

Well, here are the top 5 effective ideas that every online business should implement on its website to experience massive sales:

1. Increase Sales with Existing Customers

Most businesses make the mistake of putting their entire focus on customer acquisition when they should rather be focusing on customer retention

Don't get me wrong! I am not saying that one shouldn't work towards gaining new customers. But, that making better strategies around one's existing customer base usually proves out to be more cost-efficient & productive. Never underestimate the power of a loyal clientele and its loyalty towards your brand!

Around 81% of SMBs say they rely on email as their primary channel for customer acquisition. Alternatively, around 80% of marketers say they use email most for customer retention.

Increase Sales with Existing Customers
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Returning customers understand your services well. When compared with a new visitor they are more likely to add extra products to their shopping cart. They automatically help the brand generate higher revenues by being consistent and liberal in their approach.

To establish a strong customer retention strategy, your brand needs to construct a customer loyalty program that rewards customers on every purchase they make.

2. Where there is a Trust there is a Sale

Ask yourself, will your ever buy from an eCommerce website that you don't trust? I wouldn't! Since, trust has a very deep connection with what sells and what doesn't, it is important that you are able to gain your visitor's trust the moment they land on your website or website creating using eCommerce web development company

Where there is a Trust there is a Sale
Safe Display Icons 

The first thing a visitor notices on your eCommerce page is the Display icon. It is how they understand that they are on a secure page and their information won't be leaked, forged or misused in any form.

Nobody wants to wake up and find their names on the top of "Victims of another Credit Card Fraud".

Cyber Security is important for online buyers, therefore, make it clear that your website is trustworthy with the help of display icons and security badges from trusted CA like DigiCert SSL, PayPal Verified, McAfee, VeriSign etc. implement e.g. SSL monitoring to check certificate validity

3. Personalized Videos to go big on Sales

Are you ready to deliver the next BIG VIDEO?

In 2014, Cadbury launched two successful video campaigns that blended Personalization into Storytelling, to surprise & delight a few highly-targeted customers. The campaign had a click-through-rate of 65% and a conversion rate of 33.6%.

Mindblowing, right?

And yet, advertisers continue to use the same old ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL APPROACH to reach out to customers and expand their business.

If you are looking to grow exponentially, there is nothing better than digital marketing campaigns, driven powerfully with personalized videos that hit the spot.

Because personalized videos are your sure shot and the only way to build a stronger one-to-one relationship with your customers.

Everyone says they love their customers. With StoryXpress' personalized videos, you can show it.

The best thing about personalized videos is that they provide a highly tailored solution to attract, engage and delight customers. From Marketing to Sales, to customer success, Videos can be used at any step to reach out to, convert and converse with a customer.

4. Customer Testimonials to Raise Awareness & Sales

Before buying a product, I always rely more on customer reviews than what the marketers or the salespeople of the company happen to say. That is because customers who have experienced the same product first-hand have no reason to lie, and can give a better insight into a product's pros and cons.

Companies should encourage users to come forward and review their product,

to understand how it is being received in the market, what all are its limitations and how to achieve product market fit?
Ruth Kerr, eRetail Manager, Edgewell Personal Care
Ruth Kerr, eRetail Manager, Edgewell Personal Care

In this review Ruth Kerr, eRetail Manager, Edgewell Personal Care, expresses how StoryXpress helped them create quality videos that enhanced their product detail page. Word-of-mouth is easy to trust and brings more new customers without pitting in any extra effort.

5. Discounts are your Tickets to Climbing Sales

Customers love discounts.

They would readily visit a new website on hearing the word Discount. Although we would like to believe that many online companies are giving away stuff on huge discounts, they really are not.

Discount are great for sales!

Most companies believe that they won't be able to make more profits if they offered discounts.

Discounts are your Tickets to Climbing Sales
Discount and Sales go hand-in-hand 

However, there are a lot of strategies in marketing that are as old as the Himalayas itself and that would help you give discounts while making huge profits. Choosing the best strategy and testing it is key to success. Whether you run a copy test or use alternative methods, make sure you're on the right track before implementing your chosen strategy.

You could also try discount campaigns during the most popular and busiest shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are the correct times to tap new customers by offering MASSIVE discounts which attract customers to start using your products. According to this Black Friday report, last year more people shopped online as compared to that of brick-and-mortar sales. However, In order to maximize results from such shopping days you should plan for it before 2-3 months for various things like discount planning,creating gift certificates ,marketing, and stocking up on things that you're selling.

Wrapping up...

Online sales is a Science! The more you understand about people's online buying patterns, the better your e-commerce performs. Therefore, stick to the tips mentioned above and you would be good.

Do you want to know how videos can help you grow your e-commerce store? Well, we can help. Just get in touch with StoryXpress.

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