More and more shoppers are ditching brick & mortar stores in favor of online shops. This is because online shopping, let's face it, is very convenient. You don't have to leave the comforts of your home, visiting stores to stores, to make a purchase. With shopping made possible online, all you need to do is fill up your cart with products that catch your fancy and click PURCHASE.

As simple as that!

If you are an old-school retailer, who is still limiting their products' potential to images and sale(sy) copies, you are missing out on a lot! It is high time you incorporated videos in your online business, to get found, impress prospects and have them buy from you.

Let us move on the more important question, why are videos important for e-commerce?

  1. Google Love Videos: And that is a sweet short truth you need to make peace with, as soon as you can. Google absolutely adores and prioritizes those who place videos with their products. Videos help them rank better on search engines.
  2. Save Time: Imagine prospects visiting your competitors' site, spending a whole lot of time dwelling over images and reading copies. To be honest, nobody has that kind of time with them. We all want to be quick and efficient around the purchases we make. Replace the images and copy with videos now, to help your prospects figure out information faster.
  3. Get shared more: Everyone likes to watch good videos. But what is great about videos is that they are super sticky, and are therefore clicked on and shared more often. Unlike long winding texts, videos are easy to watch and process.
  4. Increase Conversion Rates: According to Forbes, "90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions." Well, you can mitigate opinions, but it is hard to ignore facts! Luckily for you, online retailers have just started transitioning from images to videos. So you have still got loads of time with you to take the bigger decision and bring a change.

Now, that we have seen how important videos are for any eCommerce to growand flourish, let us have a look at the brands who have done it right. This will help you figure out tips and tricks to blow past your competitors.

Here are my top 5:

1. Nine Line

So, this casually dressed up guy shows up and starts crashing bottles after bottles of alcohol on the ground. His unnatural behavior intrigues and makes you wonder, "wait for a second, what is happening here!"

This is how Nine Line gets you invested in their product story.

While he is busy doing god knows what, a package, reading, "Nine Line Apparel Stout Hoodie" drops from somewhere. Our expressionless man tears it open and takes out its content from within.

In the very next shot, he could be seen wearing a hoodie with a cool pocket in the front. What is nice about this hoodies is that its huge front pocket can accommodate his hands along with the beer bottles he had been crashing a while ago. The message is clear, no more crashing the bottles when you can easily own custom hoodies with big pockets.

Why do I like the video?

It has a hook, a problem and a brand with a cool solution to it.

2. Training Mask

The music and the rhythm compliment the product in action! If you thought selling a training mask was difficult, you need to stop doing whatever you are doing and watch this right now. A training mask is a niche product, made for a pretty niche audience, and therefore, selling it could get difficult.

But, not for them!

The company has created a beautiful video, where you can see people using their mask while training hard.

Why do I like the video?

I like to see products in action. If they can show you how good they are, there is nothing like it! My money goes with them!

3. Kelty

It is witty!

Have a great story line running in the backdrop to compliment the product in action. The video gives it all without flooding the viewer with too much of daunting data. The best part is that this video could even have been an explainer one, informing prospects on how to use the product.

We all know how boring the Manual videos could get!

But not Kelty's. They have a way with visual content. They know how to use narration to make even the dullest of content look great on the screen.

Why do I like the the video?

Storytelling! It is hard to sell side-tables. But not when you are Kelty and understand, just how to do it right through magical videos.

4. Naturally Curly

For them, the kid is the clear winner! The video starts with him, playing with his curls. Nothing gets my attention better than a little kid with a head full of curls! Looking at me, smiling and answering a basic good for me: how good is naturally curly?

The one question that keeps me in the video, "Hey, what is that little kid doing on the screen?" Narration is crisp, engaging and on point! The child there just know what to do! Answers every question for you just by giving his hair a tight shake.

Why do I like the video?

#HaveYouTriedThis.... By running this hashtag, Naturally Curl encouraged people to buy and spread it on social media, with their pictures, experiences, and suggestions.

5. VAT19

They call themselves, "the purveyors of curiously awesome products", and rightly so. Their products are easily available in online stores. They create intelligent and exciting product videos to lure their prospects in and get the highest conversions compared to their peers.

Their USP is entertainment. They know how to create some really wacky content to grab eyeballs and make them press the buy button.

Why do I like the Video?

Until date, VAT19 has created more than 500 videos. Unsurprisingly, they have earned around 1, 300, 000 subscribers on YouTube to whom they deliver as soon as a new product releases.

Wrapping up..

It is time to take your business to the next level by capitalizing on the power of videos. If you don’t know already, here is a sweet little truth: Google love Videos. It trusts and prioritizes those who use videos to explain their content. Therefore, you would be doing your business a whole lot of good by having videos for your products.

If you want to talk to us on just about anything related to videos and e-commerce, here is how you can.