Imagine looking at a still image of a handbag!

What do you see?

A peach colored squarish bag with broad shoulder straps hanging from the sides!

Then there is a one minute video of the same product, showcasing a beautiful woman, carrying the purse along and flaunting it around in style. The model is just stepping out of her house, and with the purse dancing elegantly by her side, is all prepared to impress new clients and make a difference at her workplace. You can in fact visualize yourself in her place to see which look would go well with the purse and how comfortable its broad straps would feel on the shoulders. Soon enough you can see the model unzipping the purse and taking out a Think Pad from inside. You are surprised to learn how spacious the purse is and how if you brought it home you no more will require carrying a laptop bag along. Before the video fades out of the screen you hear the model exclaim, “A purse to carry it all”

Videos give you a vivid view of the world you live in, by making the entire process of buying online, easier and more believable.

Before we go and learn about E-commerce videos and how they help push your sales, let’s first find out what E-commerce is and why it is so important for marketers these days.

Any sort of transaction done online is E-commerce. Whether you are buying a movie ticket or are selling a second hand car online, you are engaging in E-commerce. E-commerce is huge and is growing! Therefore, marketers around the world are continuously grappling with new & latest technologies to find what is best for their online business and how they can become the king of the E-commerce world.

However, that one burning question which always keeps the E-commerce world up and about is whether or not videos are more effectual than still images?

The answer is not easy to come by, for even today, a lot of companies prefer images to videos while trying their hands at selling online , and their reasons are manifold- product images are cheap, easy to store & upload and require no independent monitoring.

Videos, on the other hand, are expensive and require experts to shoot them on specialized equipment. Also, for storing and managing large numbers of massive video files online, Brands need to have the right Video CMS in place, to make things work.

Then why prefer E-commerce videos to images, you ask?

Good question and here is the answer why:

· Immersive story-telling through videos make your products appear more exciting to the prospects.

· Videos are easy to consume and give a clearer & better understanding of how your product functions.

· Builds Faith; engages consumers in a way that by the time the product video fades out consumers are smitten by the product and are willing to make appropriate transactions online.

· Videos accompanied by quick texts make understanding complicated products with numerous technicalities look like a walk in the park.

Don’t believe us? Well, believe the following Stats at least:

· According to Cisco, global internet traffic from videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021.

· In the last two years, Mobile video usage has amplified by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes.

· In 2019, 43% of B2C marketers are of the opinion that pre-produced videos make for the most successful marketing content.

· Globally, YouTube is consumers' leading source of video content at 83% (Facebook is second, at 67%).

· About 62% of B2B marketers consider videos to be a valuable content marketing strategy.

· In a 2018 survey by HubSpot, 54% of consumers wanted to look through video content from a brand or business in order to support them.

How to make your product video effective?

It is important that the videos you upload along with your products give your audiences a clear idea of what you are selling and how "what you are selling" can help them "solve a problem they often face".

So here are the three elements that will make your product videos more appealing to the consumers:

Tell a good story

What is the point of creating a product video that won't blow your audiences mind off?


And this is why, it is important that before you put your product out for sale, you wrap it in a sheath of a good-good story.

Crisp & Effective

Your product video should always be short, direct and effective.

Remember, anybody can tell a story!

But to pack the same punch within a minute requires a little of each, art, science and creativity.  

Build connections

You can use product videos in numerous ways to strengthen the bond between consumers and companies. Therefore, always be honest about what you show over the videos as lying would never get you far with retention & loyalty.

Videos are becoming a rage among people of all ages. It is one of the best ways to give your audiences a real life-like experience around your product. Videos are easy to consume and has the potential of reaching masses in no time. While making a video for your product, try thinking beyond profits and personal gains.

It is only when you think of your consumers first can you grow like nobody before you ever did.  

Any questions related to use of videos for e-commerce? Just write us!