Communications software has been playing an important role in the success of businesses. The examples are Skype, Facebook IM, interactive web conferences, video chat, text messaging to name a few.

Communication software for business continues to advance. New, more efficient practices and platforms designed to simplify and make communication more seamless are being introduced and used. After all, communication is not just for words.

With today’s technology, you can improve communication and make it more visual and engaging. Some of them will be discussed below.

But before discussing the latest trends, let’s answer the question “what is the purpose of communication software?” This solution helps users communicate better. If your business has branches in different locations or has remote employees, the technology makes it easier for everyone to get in touch with one another. It makes it feel like you are just sitting in the same room even if you’re actually poles apart.

According to this video marketing software statistics, video plays a major role in communications and collaboration. Among its top business-related uses are webinars (56%), product demos (52%), social media (51%), explainer videos (49%), and product videos (47%).

These days, there’s a communication software for every need. Whether it’s sending a text message, an email, or discussing a topic in real-time, there will be an application you can use. If you need to record a message, there’s a tool for that.

Why use communications software?

If you aren’t using a communication software in this fast-paced, always-connected world yet, chances are you’re one step behind the competition. Communications software delivers a plethora of benefits for businesses including but not limited to the following:

Be more productive

In business, you should focus on getting the best results and improving productivity to acquire the highest revenue margin. For example, by enhancing the user experience of the logo maker platform, expanding design options, implementing automation, and executing effective marketing strategies, an online logo maker can improve productivity and achieve higher revenue margins of the business.

An important factor in this regard is that your departments and employees work smoothly and cohesively. To achieve that, they’ll need to communicate effectively. Communication software comes with tools to help your team communicate with clarity, stay connected, and avoid costly mistakes like wrong output and missed deadlines. It is easier to keep everyone on the same page and ensure everyone gets their job done.

Real-time communication

Those long days of waiting for a response to your letter were long gone. The way people and businesses communicate with one another has changed since the introduction of email. These days, you can communicate with one another in real-time even when you are miles apart. And this has become a great advantage to businesses. With push to talk (PTT) real-time communication, remote teams can improve collaboration and productivity.

Save important data

A communications software can serve as a repository of data. Many applications such as StoryXpress Recorder enables you to record screen activities, audio and video calls, and a lot more. Meaning to say, you can capture crucial information like customer concerns and meeting minutes and save them for future references.  

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Cost savings

One of the prime benefits of communication software is savings. Communication software products such as Skype do not require hardware. Usually, the apps are cloud-based and can be easily accessed on your tablet, smartphone, and computer. Therefore, there is no need to pay for typically costly hardware. Some solutions charge monthly or annual fees while others are available completely free of charge.

This can significantly cut your expenses especially if you have been using expensive landline licenses or PBX . Aside from that, your business can also minimize travel expenses. You can conduct online meetings so your staff, particularly those who are working remotely, do not need to come to your office.

Latest Communications Software Trends

Now that you know the advantages of communication software, let’s proceed to the latest communication software trends. Below are some of the recent trends in communication systems you’ll be seeing this year and probably the years to come.

1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) was invented in the 1950s but only started to take off in the 20th century. It has already gone a long way since then. This technology is commonly used in creating entertainment applications such as video games. But these days, it can also be applied to communications. It can be used to change the way conference calling is being done or to make professional training, specifically in a risky environment, much less dangerous and more effective. Although it still has a long way to go, VR in communication software is now more feasible than ever.

2. Social Intranet

Such solutions aren’t new but still thriving. Company intranets have already been part of the business world since the mid-’90s. However, in the last half-decade, this technology has evolved to include several social, relationship-building tools. The social intranet is like a private social media channel that connects an entire company. Depending on the developer, social intranet software may feature instant messaging, social tagging, document sharing, newsfeed, and many more. It generally makes communication easy, fast, and enjoyable. This year, the social intranet will see more advances that could help businesses achieve new heights of efficiency and success.

3. WebRTC

WebRTC is an open framework for the web that allows real-time communication capabilities in the browser. With this technology, users can hold full-fledged video conferences and collaborate with other individuals using an internet browser. What’s more, it does not require program installation, modules, special plugins or any accompanying program. It is very simple yet can support all kinds of remote communication such as audio and video communication, chat, content sharing, and screen sharing.

Popular web browsers including Google Chrome and Firefox have already embraced this technology. And with the plethora of benefits, it brings such as elimination of clunky app downloads and reliability, this technology will continue to shine. What’s more, since there’s an increasing number of freelancers or those who work from home, this technology will be definitely beneficial and probably gain more interest.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots are no stranger in the field of customer service as well as the excellence department. And the number of businesses embracing this technology is constantly increasing. It is not surprising considering the advancements in bots. They are becoming more intelligent to understand the intent of queries and conversations.

Which communications software trend will change your business?

No two businesses are the same. Each organization has its own set of unique needs in terms of communication. So if you would ask which of the trends will change the way companies communicate with their employees, customers, and other businesses, it would depend on the purpose.

For instance, if you want to set up a remote work culture, communications tools are crucial to connect and engage with your employees. It’s important to have a platform for quick chats and messages and even video calls and conferences.