With the advancement in technology, businesses around the world are learning to incorporate fresh & innovative ideas in their global marketing strategies, which in turn drive sales for their products. The markets at the moment are rife with inventions that have the power to change the face of the world in minutes. Video advertising has however succeeded in breaking through this clutter of all things hip & cool by emerging as the world’s most effectual & powerful marketing tool. Video marketing is the latest buzz, being used strategically and frequently by big and small companies alike to leverage their sales and maximize profits

With customers making purchase decisions based on videos that emotionally educate them on their life choices, it is no wonder that 81 % of businesses are bringing video marketing in use to drive sales and expand empires. Companies have finally learnt to utilize the power of videos to communicate their brand story, making the entire marketing and sales experience more human and authentic

Here, in this article we will take you through the latest video marketing trends of 2023 that will help you keep your business afloat and all time rocking-

1) Hop On The Video Bandwagon And Go Live

Earlier, video marketing was used exclusively by big business houses only, to captivate a wide audience and keep them hooked. However, lately, customers have shown a growing appetite for videos that are shot on mobiles and that speak directly of the brand’s humdrum, day-to-day stories.

Catching on to the video marketing trends, small scale businesses too have embraced the power of video marketing and are making the most of it, by going live on Instagram or Facebook.

2) Immersive Story-Telling

As the word “Immerse” itself suggests, Immersive marketing is a kind of technique that grips the audience by their hands and pulls them inside, right into the heart of a story. If your video is crisp, intelligent and touching, it sure will garner a large audience, resulting into higher revenues and better ROIs.  Whether it’s a B2B or B2C, companies across the globe are using engaging story-telling methods to help their brand go big and click with the audience.

3) Platform Tailored Approach

According to a survey done by Animoto, 73% of marketing companies use the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram , Twitter etc., in different ways, to establish and communicate their brand idea. Customers these days stay connected to their phones 24/7 and easily get bored of watching the same videos, over different platforms, again and again. If a company or a client is really interested in what you’ve got they will anyway visit your pages, spread over the different social networks, and engage. Therefore, the trick to keep growing is to keep diversifying.

4) Video Podcasts

From real life drams to falling asleep in minutes, everyone has their favorite bunch of podcasts, playing in their ears, through the phone. However, with visual story-telling becoming a rage, video marketers have come up with a creative idea of combining the power of audio and video, together, to give podcast a real personal feel. Now, podcast lovers can connect with their favorite story teller at two different levels, making the entire story-telling or marketing experience more genuine and human.

5) LinkedIn Videos That Make B2B Stand Out

Earlier, only B2C companies reached out to their clients using the power of videos but now, with LinkedIn native video becoming a household name, B2B too have been empowered with the magic of video marketing. According to LinkedIn, any kind of video content is shared 20 times more than other content formats in the LinkedIn feed. Not just that, LinkedIn video ads are in fact generating view rates more than 45%.

6) Square And Vertically Shot Video

Imagine capturing the video the wrong way! You go home and find out that you cannot optimize it to fit the mobile screen. You are forced to watch it in a tiny view, which is proving out to be a challenge more pronounced than flying a plane. Fortunately, there is a solution for every problem! Today, tools like IGTV are facilitating people to capture those great videos in vertical form and view them full screen. Thanks the technology!

Leaving you here with a beautiful quote to cherish through the day

“If a picture is worth a hundred words, a video is worth million.” (Glenn Hughes)