According to Wiktionary, Viral Marketing is “A technique aiming at reproducing “word of mouth”, usually on the internet or by e-mail, for humorous, political or marketing purposes”

In the business world, the term "viral marketing" is spoken of in hushed tones. This is because marketers & advertisers world-over are of the common opinion that B2B and Viral marketing do not go hand in hand.

Their opinion isn't without logic! Usually, for a video to go viral, it must have an element of peculiarity to itself.  

But, in the case of B2B videos, a company's entire reputation is on stakes. And, by delivering humorous or controversial video content, it wouldn't want to come  across as an incompetent organization, trying hard to gain traction by employing desperate measures.  

This is why B2B businesses often restrict themselves from bringing on their fullest potential to the storyboard and producing videos that could go viral in seconds.  

However, this isn't always true!

If you are handling a marketing campaign and are about to roll out your next video, I can't see why you shouldn't move ahead with all guns blazing and give a B2B video that is classy enough to belong to your brand, and yet has the required dash of wittiness to go viral.

Here are the top 5 tips on making your B2B video content go viral in minutes

1.Give viewers a reason to engage with your video content

@adambentleydesign Adam Bentley
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Watch yourself browsing the internet! Notice mindfully the kind of videos, posts, or texts you like, drop a comment on and share with your connections. Of-course, you have no interest in sharing tutorials or  instructions or the daily humdrum stuff.

You share videos that are interesting and have an element of quirkiness to them.

But is it possible to give your B2B videos an interesting spin that makes them worth sharing ?

Why not! If you had used StoryXpress Recorder, our screen & webcam recording tool, you would have know how our In-Video presentation elements such as drawing, text, focus etc. can enhance the content of a video and capture the attention of a viewer at the right time, in the right places.  

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How you present the facts in a video is important. But what is more important is the storyline. A simple, crisp and engaging story line will make sure that your video content gets more impression and is shared more often.  

2. Swear by a video style

Now that you have decided you will be bringing videos in use to advertise your business, it is time to choose a style for your video.

Before you create the video or fix a story-line, it is very important to decide how do you want your target audience to react when they see your post.

You can choose either of the two styles to get their attention and make your video content share-worthy

a) Funny- Let us take an example of a funny B2B video to make you see my point. Whether you believe me or not but even the biggest of the companies in the world are run by humans, and in order to drive them to action, your marketing initiatives require some solid spark, hooks and emotions.  

Take this video by  Zendesk for instance!  

Let me be very clear here, do not ever compromise on the message you want to deliver! This piece here is one of the rare B2B videos that is offbeat and spot on at the same time.

b) Shocking- What would you call a CEO, who, wearing casual clothes and a loose tie, takes to the camera and goes on ranting about the things his shaving razors can't do?


But if done right, shocking can get you attention from the right audience and superb conversions as well. Dollar Shave Club did a great thing by creating a candid video that has its CEO saying some really random stuff that could direct the message right on point.

3. Gone are the days when tidy meant beautiful

Time to roar and cause upheaval!

Photo of a penguin in captivity, Prague Zoo, Czechia
Photo by Ivan Oštrić / Unsplash

When advertisers think videos, they think of spotless videos where men and women wearing crisp suits with coffee in their hands talk with each other in hushed voices.

Of course, videos made with impeccable production houses deserve respect and are great fit for places like landing pages, website home pages etc.

But if you look at the videos that have been lately trending on the various social media channels, you will observe it is the time for the rough cut, baby!  

Everywhere, consumers are super excited to see the real unedited and unscripted side of their brands. Viewers dig in honest videos, showing the transparent side of a brand.  

This is why StoryXpress Recorder is a great tool to have in your company. It lets you record, edit and share completely honest, upbeat and real videos with your clients, customers and prospects. Screen Recording with StoryXpress Recorder is a great way to fire up every segment of your business.

4. Make Videos that people want to see together with friends & families

I took this shot to catch the reaction of fans of Logic: Everybody’s Tour expressing how they feel about his lyrical music. This photo means a lot to me because Logic is one of my favorite rappers and catching this reaction from the fan reflects on how I was feeling during the concert!
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When was the last time you read a book in a group? Of course, you don't remember! But, if I asked you, "when was the last time you watched a football game or an interesting movie with friends?" You might say, "it was on yesterday"

This proves a very important point as far as the videos go!

While people read alone, they like to watch videos in groups.

Watching together in bunches of friends and families ignites within people a feeling of camaraderie. Since, people like to watch videos in groups, one can easily say that videos and not textual content lights up the social element within people. So, if you can create story-lines that bring people together, your job is done!

5. The Shorter the Sweeter      

The Shorter the Sweeter
Photo by Ines cancela / Unsplash

Textual form of content such as blog posts and articles are usually preferred long form. The longer a blog is, the more respect and acknowledgement it gets from Google Search Engine. If you take podcasts, unless you are narrating a story from a book, people prefer to only hear for 30 minutes.

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However, in the case of videos, short is believed to be sweet for better engagements and search engine rankings.  Take Facebook for example. The most viewed videos on Facebook usually have a run-time of 1 minutes and 30 seconds. On Instagram, the run-time is even shorter. It is supposed to be 30 seconds only.

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Wrapping up...

B2B videos can be made viral by following the right tips and keeping the right amount of quirkiness. But above all, the message you want to deliver as a company is more important. You should never compromise on that message. However, you should try to keep your grounds open and play around new ideas of executing the message.