Video customer support or video customer service? Well! Yes, these terms sound quite peculiar but this is the future of how customer support or customer service is delivered.

To give you the perspective, earlier we used to make calls to customer support numbers for any assistance that we needed from the businesses or brands. But nowadays, we see videos for customer support to fix the challenges ourselves or get the solution without inviting the customer support staff physically.

Thus, videos take customer support experience to a higher level which majorly ensures that your customers are happy, delighted and content with your services and support.

So, let’s get started with this Videos for customer service guide!

What Is Video Customer Support?

Videos for customer support is essentially a simple concept where you as a business leverage videos to provide solutions to customer support inquiries through videos or customers can share their inquiries in videos to explain their challenge or concern visually in a more detailed manner.

Video customer service has been trending in recent times mainly due to the ease of communication and understanding that video content provides between the customer and the businesses.

Customers can simply record the video of their inquiry and explain their concern using videos. Customer support teams can see and understand seamlessly without having to indulge in long complex or technically advanced conversations which obviously customers face a challenge in!

Now that we know how videos for customer support and video customer service works! Let’s explore the benefits, strategies, ideas, and challenges of video customer support.

The Benefits of Video Customer Support

Here are some of the best benefits that you can leverage by using videos for customer service and support.

1. Time Saving & Cost Efficient

Video customer support is a great time saver. Your customers are busy and they don’t have the time to go through long documentation or boring manuals to understand what to do.

They’d any day prefer watching a quick video on the go rather than sitting through a boring how-to guide on a Friday evening.

Moreover, the customers won’t have to incur huge costs of travel physically or shipping the product or paying for a support assistant’s visit to get a resolution to their problem which can be solved easily through videos for customer service.

2. Close Support Tickets Faster

Video customer support offers you the advantage of closing the support tickets quickly. You can provide video to your customers so that they can help themselves without any hassle or confusion.

This also enables cost-saving opportunities in customer support as you will be able  to close more tickets in less time whereas currently you invest a large amount of time and resources in understanding and communicating with customers.

So your videos for customer service will make your support team more successful through faster and effective resolution of customer queries.

3. Improve Customer Retention & Satisfaction

Videos for customer support are way more personalized as compared to support documentation or phone calls or emails.

With videos, you will be able to connect with your customers better, understand their concern in detail and provide a personalized experience which will instill confidence and a sense of dedicated attention among the customers

Therefore, video customer service will help in driving an improved customer experience, satisfaction and ultimately leading to better customer retention.

4. No Hectic Never-Ending Support Communications

If you are still not using videos for customer support, what are you doing?

Because, once you do it, you will be addicted to it. No confusion, no back and forth messages, no annoying phone calls.

Trust us when we say this, your customers would be super happy and delighted.

And yes, it’s always easy to follow a demonstration using a video as compared to someone explaining it to you over phone call or email.

5. More Personalized & Human Element

When your customers buy your product, they sign up for an experience.

And, with brands increasingly talking about humanizing their customer experience, why would you want to be left out?

Videos instill a sense of talking to a real person rather than a bot. When you onboard your customers with a personalized video message from the CEO, it makes a lot of difference.

How To Use Videos For Customer Support

1. Use Videos For Product Knowledge Base

3/4th of the customers prefer videos to get an understanding and knowledge about the product over other forms of information media. Learning through video is much simpler and quicker than messages, documentation, or mails.

You can use video marketing and video hosting tools like StoryXpress for creating and hosting your product demonstration videos. These training videos should be a part of your product knowledge base to show how they can use your product to its full potential.

Moreover, you can add videos to your existing knowledge base to make it more informative and vast for the users.

You can even create short video series for all the features and nuances of your business and its products. Users would also prefer such DIY support methods for their query resolution.

2. Answer Support Tickets Smartly

Sometimes the knowledge base is not enough to resolve the queries and concerns of customers. Art such times too, the need of the hour is - video customer support.

We suggest that rather than exchanging emails and then getting lost in a sea of emails, you record a quick support video and share it directly with the customer.

You can use a tool like StoryXpress to quickly record a resolution video and share it with the customer to answer their questions.

Support tickets can be crazy if you don’t have enough human resources to attend to these. They can keep getting piled up with you having no idea what to do with them.

What’s a better way of attending to support tickets than the videos for customer service.

This is something extremely simple yet innovative.

StoryXpress is a free screen recorder that sits in your browser as a browser extension and allows you to record your screen while you speak and help your customers understand what to do.

You may use the extension to record professional videos quickly, and further share them with the customers. No long telephonic conversations back and forth, simple solution.

3. Live Video Support Sessions

Not just the video recording and sharing with customers but businesses are now indulging in live video support sessions with their customers.

Here you don’t provide a recorded video but you set up a live video session to the customer. It helps in setting up one-to-one connections with the customer.

Live video customer support is essential for complex or technically advanced or new products for which the user might not be able to find the resolution themselves and may need assistance and guidance through the complexities.

4. Acquiring Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are highly crucial for brands to build their social proof and drive customers towards conversions. Testimonials help the customers to make an informed purchase decision based on the experiences shared by existing customers as testimonials.

Video testimonials can help you showcase the achievements with previous clients visually helping the audience to get a better understanding and visualize the experience.

These video testimonials are a great way to empower your customer service where customer success teams can leverage these video testimonials to improve the chances of converting more leads.

5. Enable Seamless Product Onboarding

Customer onboarding is one of the most crucial and sensitive part in the customer journey. Therefore, it becomes important for you to make the onboarding process seamless and easy to navigate.

The more smooth onboarding you provide the better conversion rate and product adoption rate you experience. With the video customer support, you can include micro learning videos during the onboarding process to help customers and get them acquainted with the product and its features.

StoryXpress is one of the best tools that you can use to create and add customer onboarding videos in your product experience.

6. Conduct Webinars

The last but not least on this list of ways to use videos for customer support is to create and conduct webinars. Webinars are a great way to connect with a large number of your target audience.

When you create FAQs, you do it for multiple questions that are often shared by the audiences. Similarly, you can leverage webinars to create customer support videos around a complete topic to help your customers.

Leveraging Video For Customer Service

A few years back, HubSpot launched its extremely popular Content Marketing Certification Course , revealing to the world how it got incredible success leveraging the power of content created right.

Businesses, extremely inspired by the trend, started revamping their website blogs and posting content like crazy, just to replicate HubSpot’s success.

It worked for a few, it didn’t for a few others.

But, why did it work for a few and why didn't it for the others?

Well, letting the cat out of the bag, it worked for those who didn’t create content just for the sake of it, but rather invested in creating content that actually delivered value and attracted eyeballs.

And, it just doesn’t stop at content marketing. The idea applies really well to the next big thing in marketing as well - video marketing.

If you were seeing this a decade ago, probably it’d have sounded very fancy and out of the box, but today, video marketing is as mandatory as having a blog of your own.

However, this doesn’t mean that you blindly copy your competitors and start your YouTube channel and expect views to pour in out of nowhere.

It means that you devise your way yourself and figure out how videos can make a difference.

It’s about your brand and your employees having this never-say-die spirit to provide customer support that goes beyond some phone calls and some how-to guides and onboarding manuals.

Video marketing is here to stay. It’s about when your brand catches up and leverages the power of video to scale the business.

Viral videos spread like fire and so can your brand word, if you do it right. Good luck!