Generic video content, whether on TV, the internet, or in the viewer's mailbox, is old news. The 2019 viewer doesn't want to spend their valuable time and attention on something that might not turn out to be relevant to them.

With all forms of content on our fingertips, creators now have to give us a compelling enough reason to choose their content over everyone else's. The power of personalized, relevant video content is immense, both as an engagement mechanism as well as a branding option.

Most consumer-facing industries in 2019 are full of a wide gamut of companies with identical or nearly-identical offerings at similar price ranges. This calls for increased efforts for a distinguished identity and reinforcements to bolster the recall value of the brand. While online video has been commonly used by companies to lure the younger populace, advertisement strategies have remained extraordinarily cliched.

Personalized Video - The Engagement Trump Card

According to the State of Online Video Report commissioned by SundaySky, personalized video content gives rise to significantly higher engagement and conversion rates, with almost a 2.5x average user watch time driven by personalization as compared to a normal clip. In addition, the open rates for emails equipped with personalized video content grow as high as 40-60%, as opposed to an average cold email open rate fluctuating between 14-23%. More than 80% of page visitors will click on a personalized video, a certifiably extraordinary statistic.

In terms of tangible statistical benefits, that's not all. We dove deep into the SundaySky report cited above to come up with the following conclusions on the basis of the study.  In additional the already impressive aforementioned statistics, here are the statistics that will intrigue you the most:

Personalization and Revenue per Customer

Reducing Customer churn with Personalized videos

Personalize for successful sales

Lift in availment rate

Getting the 5 star review

These results would not have been possible without extensive automation in video production, a technology pioneered by companies including Vidyard, SundaySky and StoryXpress.

Widespread implementation of personalized video content would not be possible without automated video creators, and the ability to create hundreds of thousands of versions of the same content, each personalized for the individual viewer, has the potential to completely change the way brands and sellers interact with their users in the digital age.

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