Earlier, marketers used long-form B2B content to make themselves seen on LinkedIn. However, with the launch of native videos in 2017, LinkedIn has become one of the most effective professional networks to introduce, build and promote businesses.

We all know how popular videos are among B2C advertisers. They have been using emotive video marketing for centuries to invoke emotional responses in people. Therefore, when LinkedIn introduced native videos a couple of years back, B2B businesses couldn’t save the urge to follow the eye-popping trend and leverage video Marketing to its fullest potential.

Videos are considered highly in LinkedIn’s algorithm and are continuously gaining in popularity across all networking platforms. You can imagine how effective videos are simply by looking at the fact that a video on your company’s page can generate 5x more times engagement. Imagine getting 5 times better engagement only because you have a video on your page!


Coming back, well, if I haven’t already mentioned, Videos on LinkedIn are highly effective. But, before you get them to kickstart a new campaign, make yourself aware of what you want to achieve through them.

Here’s what all you can accomplish using Videos on LinkedIn.

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Brand-Storytelling with Videos

You are sure you create quality products and services that your customers would simply love to have. Every time someone asks you about the brand, you proudly give them your favorite facts, stats, and testimonials.

Brand-Storytelling with Videos

But, even though you are selling premium products and are enjoying a stable & loyal clientele, you are unable to push beyond a certain threshold, making you wonder what's so wrong about your marketing strategies!

However, in this entire equation, you are forgetting the sweet-bitter truth that sometimes the book matters as much as does its cover. Imagine businesses pushing millions in advertising just to grab customers’ attention for the initial two seconds! It is scary and challenging at the same time!

This is why it is important to connect with viewers, tug at their heartstrings, pull up their excitement and keep their curiosity going with Videos.

That is where Storytelling comes into the picture! And what better way to weave it than giving it a life in the shape of an engaging video. According to Wyzowl, “ 51% of video marketers have used LinkedIn video as a channel. And, of those people, 84% found it to be an effective strategy.” That is why storytelling is important for videos to do wonders on LinkedIn.

Promoting Products with Videos

LinkedIn is a great place to unveil your product and its potential through videos. Giving your customers a glimpse into what has been happening at the company, what is about to come and how what is coming can make your customers' professional or personal life better, will get them all fired up for the launch.

Promoting Products with Videos

Why videos? Why would a company choose Videos to demonstrate their products or to give solutions for frequently asked questions or to notify their audiences on the latest updates?

Well, the questions are many but the answer remains one. When you use videos to promote your products, to answer queries and to give updates, you improve your bottom line. Videos are able to attract larger audiences, boosting engagements and generating higher return of investments. This is why videos on LinkedIn are a great way to tell your audience about what has been happening.

Blogging through Videos

If you are a regular LinkedIn user, you would know how every one on LinkedIn these days is trying to make a name for themselves by shining as an influencer.

Blogging through Videos

That is because not only companies but even individuals who are trying to build a personal brand can use vlogs on LinkedIn to establish their own selves. Influencers are highly sought out! They are the first people brands go to for solutions to their problems.

Vlogging is a great way to make your niche audience aware of what services you provide and how you can solve their problems in minutes with the expertise you have on the subject matter.

Also, it is a great way to connect with your audience and tell them what your brand does, who are the people behind the brand, what excites them, what do they think of their users and how they are working hard towards creating a business that is substantial. This doesn’t sound much but believe you me it does make a huge difference.

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If you want to be quick about understanding why videos make a great pair with LinkedIn, here is the quick but smart wind-up

  1. Videos help dissolve all kinds of complicated knots, leaving you with simple, uncomplicated and interesting stories.
  2. Storytelling through videos make a brand appear thoughtful, trustworthy and real. They help invoke emotional responses in people, thus, fitting the band and their stories permanently in customers’ memory.
  3. Videos are considered highly in LinkedIn’s algorithm and therefore, will help taking your content to the top of a person’s feed.
  4. Videos bring organic engagement to your page, boosting brand awareness and strengthening relationships with your connections.
  5. Videos give you high return on investment.
  6. Videos make product demonstrations easier and improve your bottom line.

Well, that is all about LinkedIn and Videos. Want to learn much much more? Here is the link to Social Media for Video Marketing.

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