This is the ultimate guide on creating promo videos for marketing.

Have you ever tried creating a promotional video to ace your video marketing efforts? If not, it's the right time to do so!

Nowadays, videos are used to grab people's attention in a second, especially if you're about to start a sales campaign or promote an offer.

Research shows that 72% of customers are more likely to learn about a product or service through a video. According to 83% of video marketers, promo videos provide positive ROI.

Hence, with so much potential, it's no wonder savvy businesses all over the world are reaping its benefits.

Incorporating dynamic promo videos showcase your product to the world and persuade your customers to take action.

In this blog post, we'll walk you through the different aspects of promo videos. Plus, we'll also discuss the steps for making stunning promo videos that convert and sell.

So, let's get started!

What are Promo Videos?

As the name suggests, promotional videos are designed to promote an offer, product, service, free trials, and more.

Whether you want to raise awareness of your new sales campaign or build up curiosity for an upcoming event, a promo video is a great way to go.

In other words, a promo video is the go-to medium to get your message across clearly, while showcasing your product or services excitingly and memorably.

Furthermore, it is the perfect way to put your business in its best light, show the customers how it can help, and familiarize them with the user experience.

In a nutshell, such videos are highly driven by your business and its offerings.

Want inspiration? Here’s an example:

What are the Benefits of Promo Videos?

Is a promotional video worth the effort? In short: Yes.

Promotion drives traffic and sales. There are several types of B2B videos.

But, what makes promo videos fantastic is that they work best when you want to show off your brand and get the message across in the shortest time.

Not sure if promo videos are right for your business? Check out the five benefits they'll have for your performance.

Boost Sales

64% of customers are more likely to buy a product from a website after watching a video. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

Promo video is an effective tool in conveying what your business or product is all about.

Further, it not only attracts the viewer's attention but also influences their buying behavior leading to increased sales.

Capture Customer's Attention

Nowadays, it can be hard to catch prospective customer's attention, let alone communicate how useful your product or service is for their needs.

This is where promo videos can be your best bet.

Your customers love videos! So, get ahead of the game by creating high-impact promo videos that are impossible to resist.

If your video gives the customers an in-depth idea of your brand's story in an interesting way, they are more likely to stick around for longer.

Provide Product Experience

With promo videos, your customers get the experience of your product or service even before they buy it.

Here's an example:

Build Trust

Nothing can compare to the power of promo videos when it comes to building trust with your audience. 57% of customers report that promo videos give them more confidence to buy a product online.

Drive Website Traffic

Using promotional videos on your website results in a high-engagement rate.

Don't believe us? The following statistics say it all:

Thus, eye-catching promo videos not only help in increasing traffic to your website but also enables visitors to stay there for longer, thus reducing the bounce rate.

How to Create Promo Videos?

Now that you're aware of the power of promo videos, it's time to create amazing videos that convert like crazy.

Producing a promo video can be quite daunting, especially if you have no idea where to start. Thankfully, with StoryXpress Screen Recorder, you can outshine your competitors and create quality promotional videos in a breeze.

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Video Platform for High Performing Teams

But why screen-recorded videos?

Let's face it; creating professionally-looking promo videos can be expensive. But, what if you're tight on budget? This is where screen-recorded videos can help!

Screen recording is a great and affordable option for creating promotional videos. Whether you want to walk your audience through how to use your product/service or communicate a complicated concept, a quick screen-recorded video can do wonders.

Hence, it's a fantastic solution to guide your customers who might give up and move on to your competitors.

Let's see how you can create stunning screen-recorded promo videos effectively.

Identify Your Goals

Everyone wants to drive sales. But, what is that one goal you're setting out to achieve with your promo videos? Is it conversions? Click-throughs? Brand awareness?

Producing a video can be expensive. So, it's crucial to get crystal clear on your goals before you start writing the script.

For example, maybe you want to offer a sneak peek of your new product to your audience. Or perhaps tease your customers with your special offer and encourage them to stay tuned. Maybe you want to get people excited to attend your next event.

Whatever it is, be as specific as possible.

If you have multiple goals, avoid cramming them into one video unless you want to complicate the script and confuse your viewers.

Have a Script

Next, put together a script. The script is something that can make or break your entire video, so make sure you take your time to get it right.

Whatever your goal is, be it persuading the customers to buy your products, join your community, or subscribe to your newsletter, your video script will deliver that.

So make sure your script explains what your business does in an easy-to-understand way while being short, simple, and attention-grabbing.

Here's what you can do:

  • Present a problem or pain point your customer might be dealing with.
  • Explain how your product or service can fix their problem.
  • Use social proof to back up your claims, such as product demos, customer reviews, etc.
  • Finally, close the video with a simple and compelling call-to-action.

Bonus Read: How to Write a Video Script

Check out Amanda Horvath's video, where she'll take you through the exact process to write an engaging promotional video script.

Get the Right Tools

So you've got your script sorted. Next, gather all the right tools to record a promo video.

A laptop or desktop with a webcam, a decent microphone, echo-free space, and good lighting is all you need to create head-turning promo videos in no time.

Hit the Record Button

Script, check. Tools, check. Now it's time to record your video.

Don't know where to start? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the StoryXpress Chrome Extension.

Step 2: After you've signed in, choose the 'Screen', 'This Tab', or 'Camera' option, depending upon your script requirements.

Step 3: Hit the 'Start Recording' Button and record till you think you've got it just right. Easy, isn't it?

Here’s a detailed guide on Getting Started With StoryXpress and recording your first video.

Edit to Perfection

Once recorded, you can edit your video from the StoryXpress Dashboard.

Remember: Your promo video should be as short and engaging as possible. So, trim all unnecessary parts to retain your viewer's attention.

If you want to shoot a regular video using a camera, upload and host it using StoryXpress for an ad-free experience. Here, you can customize your video player to match your brand style.

Choose a brand color, create a thumbnail, and add a CTA button anywhere in the video to provide your viewers with the feel of your brand.

Don't Leave Your Prospects Clueless

Add CTAs to Your Videos

Share It With the World

There you go! Now you can share your fantastic promo video and reach out to your audience using a shareable link. Or, embed the link wherever your customers will be sure to watch, such as on your website or email.

Plus, you can download the video and post it on your social media platforms in a few clicks. And, you'll start to see your videos gaining plenty of thumbs up in no time.

Promo Videos Best Practices

Ready to give promo videos a shot? We've got your back!

Creating unique and engaging promo videos requires you to apply a mix of five best practices.

Keep It Short and Crisp

With bucket loads of content available online, attention span is decreasing, and nobody wants to watch a 5-minute long product video.

So, when it comes to promotional videos, shorter is better.

The goal of promo videos is to make your audience curious enough to want to know more. Make your videos as short as possible, retaining the viewer's attention and offering relevant information in the shortest time.

Talking about video length, this is something you can test. But, we advise keeping it between 30-60 seconds.

The video length also depends on the platform where you'll upload the video. For example, if you're creating a promo video for your Instagram, it should be a maximum of 15 seconds.

Here’s a guide on video length best practices. Check out to understand how long your videos should be.

Consistency is the Key!

Your promo video is the representation of your business, products, and services. Before you get started, understand your brand personality and try to reflect the same in your videos.

The goal here is to create videos that are consistent with your brand. Because viewers are more likely to engage if they experience consistency in your brand messaging.

Don't Forget a Call-To-Action

Want more website visits? Newsletter subscribers? Conversions? A right call-to-action is the way to go!

No matter what you'd like to achieve from your promo videos, you won't do it without a compelling CTA. So, close your videos with a clear, strategic, and simple call-to-actions to guide your viewers.

Also, make sure to include one CTA at a time unless you want to confuse your audience.

Remember: You want a strong CTA that convinces people to leap into action.

Here’s a guide on how to add CTAs to your videos.

Use Subtitles and Captions

Your potential customers might be viewing your video somewhere in public or with their device on mute. So, make sure the message is clear without sound. Captions can go a long way here!

Subtitles is also a brilliant move, especially if your target audience resides in other countries. Even though the video is displayed in English, viewers get the message in their language too.

Want to know how to add subtitles to your videos? Check out this video:

Think About Your Audience

To engage your viewers, it's crucial to know who they are and what they think about your brand. The more research you do, the better.

Talk to them like you would talk to a friend. Know what they like, what language they understand, and what type of content they enjoy. Then, include this in your promo videos for massive engagement.

Remember: Your promo video content should be authentic and relate to your audience. User-generated content is an excellent way to connect with them on their level.

That's everything you need to know about creating viral-worthy promo videos for your business.

Now go ahead and create dynamic and killer videos that your customers will love and get that word out there ASAP!

All the best!