Earlier, videos and social media were the playgrounds for B2C companies only. However, with businesses starting to feel braver and experiment more, videos have taken over even the B2B space with a swept. It is a great time for B2B businesses to grow & flourish, which is why we have come up with this post to explain to you,

"How B2B companies can include Videos at every stage of their communication?"

But before I move on to explaining the sweet relationship shared between B2B and Videos, let's first understand WHY VIDEOS in the first place. Why not have the usual white papers, webinars, and e-books instead?

Maybe Forbes can answer this for you!

Because according to Mike Templeman, a former contributor to Forbes, "Videos have a compelling way of fostering engagement, yielding results like click-throughs, shares, lead generation, and sales. It is indeed one of the best tactics to bring more exposure to your brand while helping you achieve your bottom line."

Oh, wait, perhaps you were looking for numbers when I  crushed you under the weight of peoples' opinions.

Alright, you want to see numbers, here I have got the numbers for you,

  1. According to Cisco, global internet traffic from videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021.
  2. In the last two years, Mobile video usage has amplified by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes.
  3. In 2019, 43% of B2C marketers are of the opinion that pre-produced videos make for the most successful marketing content.
  4. Globally, YouTube is consumers' leading source of video content at 83% (Facebook is second, at 67%).
  5. About 62% of B2B marketers consider videos to be a valuable content marketing strategy.
  6. In a 2018 survey by HubSpot, 54% of consumers wanted to look through video content from a brand or business in order to support them.

Time to move on to the five types of video content that can benefit your B2B!

Interview Subject Matter Experts

Videos, where you invite subject experts to give their expertise, have lately become a social media fad. You can interview them on whatever subject that concerns, interests, and excites your audience. These videos can be done either face-to-face or online.

Expert interviews are also a great way to build your social media channel in the right direction. A specialist knows his subject well, and can definitely help the viewers ace the same with their sound expertise and valuable insights. What's more, they can even make your brand become more visible by promoting the videos themselves.

It is important to understand that experts can sometimes share videos on their personal social media channels. This will help drive viewers to your videos, adding up to your views and followers.

Screen & Webcam Recording

A reliable Screen & Webcam recorder is your perfect tool for creating explainer or tutorial videos. If you are someone who enjoys taking on the screen and explaining the whys and hows of a platform or a product or a service, this is perfect for you.

But before you start recording your face and screen, you first need to dwell on the problems your viewers are facing. You can learn about their troubles by interacting with them over social media. This will not only give you an insight into their issues but will also help you come closer to your audience, making them believe that you actually care for them. Once, you know what's been troubling them, you can easily and quickly create a video tutorial to explain how it is done.

Take StoryXpress Recorder for example. It allows you to create, edit and share videos in minutes. Also, it is a great way to effectively communicate your ideas, to existing and potential customers, and to keep them updated on all the latest company or product-related developments.

Hack & Tips on How to Get Things Done

Short Tips and Hacks are really cool and are liked by most people. Why? Because they are short, quirky, and informative. They are perfect for making educational videos, and to inform your viewers about the little but important details they might miss while aiming for the moon.

What makes these hack videos great is their ability to drive great engagement on social media platforms esp. Instagram. All you need to do is use the right Hashtags, always. Such videos do not go on and on about your product or brand, but simply tell you a fact. A fact that is useful and can instantly, make you stand out in a sea of competitors.

To make these videos, you will need to add a good background image, a video editor, overlay texts, and some class effects.

Trim Live Webinars into Clips

Live Webinars are great because they create opportunities to find organic leads, and later on, transform the registrants into long-term happy customers. This is the reason why most companies spend a lot of time, effort, and money on creating webinars.

However, the problem with webinars is that they are conducted live and therefore are pretty short-lived. My suggestion to all those who are thinking of leveraging the power of webinars is to record them while they are still live and to use those clips later on as needed.

The best you could do is to trim the live recording into shorter clips and promote each one of them on your social media channels. The content, if relevant and interesting, will both engage and inform your customers at the same time. Also, for those who had missed the live webinars, it will be exciting bait to make them see what they are missing, and why they should definitely attend your next webinar.

Time to Show Your Real Side Right  

Time to Show your Real Side Right

The thing here to understand is that you do not want to create a brand that doesn't have any real side to it or is afraid of coming across naked. It is only when you are able to show the real side of your business to your clients can they trust you. Also, they need to see what you are behind the layers of business to understand your culture, work ethic, and vision.

Brands these days want to work specifically with those who they think have the same business philosophies as theirs and can align with their ideologies. The best I could think of is Hubspot. The way their team comes forward and converses with their audience is the perfect cocktail of entertainment, openness, and reliability.    

These are the top 5 amazing ways you can use videos to give your business a forward thrust. If you are serious about video your business, you can always contact us and tell us about how you want videos to change your dynamics.