Background Music add the element of beauty to your Videos. It makes videos worth the watch! Video makers have been secretly utilizing music in the backdrop to give viewers a sense of the atmosphere.

A playful rhythm represents a happy go lucky story, whereas, the dark piano music cautions the viewers, bewaring them of an upcoming danger.

Oftentimes, we believe it is the storyline that is making our heart skip a beat and our eyes cry a river. We give the entire credits to the protagonists.

However, amidst all this drama, we completely forget how effectively the background music held us onto our seats, shifted our focus to the right things and succeeded in giving us severe goose bumps at the right moments.  

Marketing videos are no different since their ultimate goal as well is to establish an unforgettable emotional connect with the audience and get them to take the desired action.  

That is why I thought of writing this blog and tipping you on how to find the perfect copyright free music for your marketing videos:

  1. Genre of the video:

Depending on the genre of your video, you can choose the perfect notes. For example, in marketing, video makers or content creators usually go for product demos, advertisements and basic storytelling to convey their services.

All of these before mentioned genres sketch the same stories in different ways and for that reason require a unique musical setting to capture & enthrall the audience.

Let us say you wanted music for one of your explainer videos. To keep the viewers' focus going throughout the video, you will have to find a piece that is soothing, desirable for the ears and rhythmic, For the advertising ones, you can use fusion of sounds to create the impact and make your product top of the mind.

2. Get Music Snippet to act as a Hook:

Add a 4 to 5 seconds long music snippet along with an animation at the             beginning of a video to pleasantly surprise your audience. This will immediately make them forget what they were doing and will get your content their attention.

Let us say you wanted to share  a funny tip with your viewers. You can think about creating a funny animation along with some goofy piece of royalty free music. It is easy, effective and eye catchy!

3. Pocket Friendly Music:

All organizations do fix an annual or a monthly budget for their marketing videos. But if you haven't already, or if it is not a ritual at your place, I am breaking a great news to you.  

Even with $10 in your pockets, you can buy yourself some amazing pieces of legal music from online music libraries. Even the cheapest musical compositions available on these websites are way better than the free background music.

However, if you are a man of class & taste and believe that music indeed is very important for a video go viral, you can get custom music made for around $250 and $1000. Why custom music? Well, it is a memorable. If your audience could relate a piece of music with your brand, you are increasing your chances of becoming a top of the mind brand.

4. Hire a composer:

If you are willing to go an extra mile to establish your brand's identity, you must consider hiring a good music composer who can give your brand a catchy tune that is hard to forget or miss.

Plus, you can buy a couple of them and can fit them in all your videos to give them a consistency. If you are looking for a customised composition for your brand, you must check out Babycanyouwritemytrack.

5. Background Music for Videos Catches Attention:

In a video you can use music bites in numerous ways to catch viewers' attention. For example, if a fast paced music track stops suddenly, it piques one's neurons and makes him/her wonder what has just happened or what is going to happen.

Putting break to a consistent rhythm evokes people's emotions, makes them stop in their track and take notice.

6. Rely on Famous Music:

We all recognise the music piece that made Pirates of the Caribbean so famous. Plus, we all love it too. As far as i am concerned, no matter where I am, if I hear the tune play somewhere, I will get curious and will want to know what is going on. The same is true with the buyers around the world.

Famous music is famous because for years people have loved it and have memorised it by heart. Brands can use old popular songs that are now in public domain.

Guitar player gear looking
Find Royalty Free Music 

Finding free legal music is difficult. You don't want to get stuck in a situation where you have the video pieces ready, but no music. You would have to find just the right music to fit your video and transform it into a masterpiece.

And although there are free music compositions available online, you do not want to get caught into any legal implications, or do not want YouTube to take down your videos because of copyright violations.  

Now that we know why music is important for making your videos a success, let us check out all the right places where you can find Royality Free Music for your videos.

  1. Getty image Music- it is a good site to go to if you are looking for High-Quality Royality free music. The best part is their music rights that are easy to understand and are flexible. So you don't have to worry about getting caught while marketing videos.  
  2. Bensound- Bensound is a company started by a french composer called Benjamin Tissot. Various brands have been using his work to put life into their videos. Browsing the website, you can easily find some interesting pieces of music for your presentations or marketing videos.  
  3. YouTube Audio Library- there are many audio clips available on YouTube's Video Library that you can use to make your videos more exciting. If you are a video creator who churns video content quite regularly, this is the right place to find royality free music.  
  4. Premium Beat-  Premium Beats is a perfect place to start looking for music as the company works in collaboration with some of the top class music composers to help people find high quality royality free music for their videos.
  5. Moby Gratis-  If you are into storytelling and use short stories to convey your brand's ideology, Moby Gratis should be your go to for free music. (Soundtrack)
  6. Danosongs- be it apps, games or films, Danosongs has just the perfect collection of royality free music for every music seeker. Additionally, you can get your own licensed music for $10 only.
  7. Partners in Rhyme- The company has been existence since 1996. Getting music here is simple. You just need to browse, listen to music, hit buy and you will be sent your music in a DVD.  
  8. Public Domain 4 U- This site wouldn’t be possible without If you follow that link and do a search at the Internet Archive, you’ll find downloadable files in mp3 and various other formats, for most of the music you may discover on this site.

9.   Free Sountrack Music - where soundtrack music composers post tracks for royalty free licensing to video producers. ALL of the music in this online library is available for royalty free use in films, videos, video games, YouTube videos or other digital multimedia productions.

10.  Audioblocks- Storyblocks is your one-stop shop for royalty-free stock audio. Our unlimited member library provides all the music, sound effects, and loops to build your story.

Wrapping up:

Check out these sites and give your videos the desired music to turn them into masterpieces.