Storytelling is one of the finest methods to engage and establish a connection with contributors. To showcase their work and solicit assistance, non-profit associations may hesitate to utilize video, an increasingly popular internet format.

Myths about videos, such as needing a sizable budget or special knowledge to produce compelling content, should allow you to utilize a potent tool to draw in donators and volunteers.

With a smartphone and a few essential tools, anybody can make an appealing video marketing campaign.

It is one of the most effective marketing tools. Through such marketing tools, nonprofits may spread their message and build brand recognition among a larger audience.

Or even create their best blog . In this article, you will learn more about video marketing for a nonprofit organization and get some tips for creating advertising content.

Structure of social media video marketing

You should create a strategy before launching a video marketing advertising campaign to achieve successful outcomes. Among the principal components of the video marketing approach:

  • Understanding the target market.
  • Setting campaign objectives.
  • Choose the format you'll use for your work. The critical point to be made to the audience should be included in the video, which should also reflect your brand's aesthetic.
  • Generating original content and optimizing videos.
  • Using many channels (social media platforms).

For the development of video marketing, social networks include a variety of advertising solutions. At the same time, the sites are continually being updated, creating a good atmosphere for launching and setting up content within.

The best type of video

Videos come in a wide variety of forms. The following formats are among the most popular for nonprofit organizations:  

Educational. These films aim to educate viewers. They allow your viewers to delve deeply into the particulars of your work, such as how a particular procedure functions or how an idea came to be. These videos will position your nonprofit as a subject-matter authority if done well.

Organizational. These movies summarize your project's identity as a nonprofit organization and explain why its goals merit funding. Implementing digital asset management for nonprofits ensures that such crucial multimedia content is systematically organized, preserved, and easily accessible for future campaigns. Your main video asset is this one, which may be distributed across several campaigns to various audiences.

Fundraising. Whether your organization is doing a fundraising event or a campaign to promote your purpose, it will inspire people to take action. It highlights the importance of the specific cause and outlines how supporters may get engaged. Fundraiser films may be integrated on a contribution page on your website , emailed through a mailing list, or broadcast on social media.

Reviews. An essential marketing tool, this kind of film enables funders, volunteers, and recipients to attest to the effectiveness of your organization. These films provide their unique perspectives on what it's like to work with your company, making them an effective recruiting tool.

It's crucial to remember that your company may create a variety of video marketing material. As an illustration, you might begin by promoting your brand using a corporate film. Finally, depending on your current demands, go on to reviews and fundraisers to secure audience support.  

Benefits of video marketing

Videos can help you reach more prospective customers and improve website retention. The key advantages of employing video marketing for businesses are listed below:

Increased engagement. When a website offers both text and video content, according to research, 72% of users will select the latter. Therefore, you can grab and hold viewers' attention with a video broadcast on a website or social media.

Strengthening bonds and boosts results of your work. Compared to images or text messaging, video allows you to connect with your target audience more intimately. Users may better understand the brand's tone, mood, and emotions using this approach.

Enhancing brand recall. The degree of recognition improves by 2–3 times after seeing a company's video.

Moreover, you can encourage word-of-mouth. People are eager to send videos to their peers through social networks and private communications. A skillfully planned and original clip has a strong potential of becoming viral and spreading among the intended audience.

Should you use video marketing?

Even though your business is nonprofit, financing is still required. You rely on contributions and volunteers the majority of the time. Support from the people is needed to reach the broadest audience possible in the battle against sickness, poverty, hunger, the environment, and animal welfare, and spreading knowledge and awareness.

But, due to the abundance of content and information on the Internet, vital messages and statements on these subjects might quickly go overlooked.

Knowing the critical points in the video's wake-up and the attention-getting message is essential. You should become skilled with various instruments that arouse the appropriate emotions to give your good action the requisite appeal. The goal may be different:

  • Video to raise environmental funds, fight against poverty, or educate.
  • Video calling for participation in local development assistance.
  • Video for more significant commitment to volunteer work.

These objectives and available tools can permanently be changed as necessary. Even if it feels like a guess, having specific goals can assist lead you through the process of making highly-effective marketing films.

Keep your aim in mind and get started. Discuss ideas, assemble your video, and create any required scripted scenes. Consult them before putting your plans into motion if you employ someone to assist you. Even if you have many brilliant ideas, you might need assistance turning them into a great sequence.

Top tips

A video may be made with minimal effort and expertise. Here are some recommendations that can help you cope with the task:

To tell a story, use images. By storytelling, organizations may emotionally engage their target audiences. A compelling narrative can inspire the audience to act. For example, suppose you are a nonprofit brand about cryptocurrency and want to create videos to educate traders. In that case, you can use ICOholder as a provider of the most accurate analytics from the crypto world with a ton of appealing statistics and images. On the site, you will find a lot of data that will be useful to you.

Inform the audience about your company. A compelling approach to communicate your nonprofit's goal to the globe is through video. It is the best framework to describe your organization and introduce the people that make it up.

Use the first seconds. The video should quickly capture the audience's interest. To immediately capture the interest of your audience, use a hook, a question, or a teaser.

You may also try live video for engagement. Share campaign or event videos live on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Live video is an informal and fantastic method to communicate with your audience. It allows individuals to engage and feel part of the organization even if they can't attend the event.

Tools for creating a non-commercial marketing video

Editing your video should come next when you've finished filming. Because there are so many free tools accessible on the Internet nowadays to assist you, doing this is simple. You may use Adobe Premiere Clip to optimize your video format for Facebook and Instagram, even slow down particular sequences or add effects.

Another video editing program is Adobe Premiere Pro. It is one of the most widely used professional video editing programs for novice users and seasoned experts. It has a wide range of choices and exciting effects.

The StoryXpress product helps your video stand out from the crowd. All the videos on this page include automatic closed captions to comply with accessibility standards and enhance video optimization.

Also, it can link up many users - controlling the production of videos has never been simpler! Also, the videos can be integrated into various platforms. It is an excellent way to spread your message everywhere.

Final Thoughts

Making a marketing film for a nonprofit organization and posting it anywhere related to the content might sometimes feel like a challenging task that won't be effective.

These movies do not need to be note-perfect, though. It's worthwhile to make engaging films that motivate your viewers to take action and arouse feelings in them. Keep in mind that maintaining the audience's attention is crucial.

While you don't need to fret throughout your video, you should be conscious that your audience has numerous distractions, so your tale must be interesting enough to keep them watching.

Focusing on audio engagement metrics like watch time, likes, comments, shares, etc., is the most effective approach to achieve this.