Letting people go is difficult, esp. when you have had shared with them 2 months of amazing work chemistry. This was the case with our young interns. Still in College, our Interns had been a constant source of Positivism, Enthusiasm and Knowledge.

As Tamana, our Customer Success Executive, rightly puts, "All of us tried keeping a holistic approach to learning, and made sure the process doesn't become monotonous. It was two months of great fun, exciting work and loads of learning."

But all good things must come to an end, and although we are sad to see them go, we feel pretty fortunate for having had them on board and exchanged ideas & jokes with them.

Hot Internship Stories Straight Out of the Oven:

Brainstorming StoryXpress Style
Brainstorming StoryXpress Style


"It started with comprehending the company’s line of service and products, alongside a bit of competitors' research. Once we had understood StoryXpress and Saas well, we were given the task of getting to know the "StoryXpress Recorder"-  a chrome extension that enables webcam and screen recording simultaneously. Working on StoryXpress Recorder, we  developed a better understanding of principle domains such as Customer Success, Sales, Marketing and Intra-team communication. We were amazed to see the amount of potential video marketing holds in engaging, attracting and converting customers!!!!"


"As an engineer, this was my first brush with corporate culture. I was pretty excited for interning with StoryXpress, a Techstars backed startup. During my internship, I worked on StoryXpress Recorder, which is a webcam and screen recorder. Working as a Market Analyst Intern was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I also got to learn about  startups and their work culture and style of research.  Overall, it was amazing to work with such a friendly & cooperative team. I would highly recommend you to join StoryXpress to enjoy an amazing work culture and expand your professional horizons."  

Letting go of work stress kinda MOMENTS with interns
Letting go of work stress kinda MOMENTS with interns


"My internship at Storyxpress was a great learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was intrigued by their excellent work culture. As a market research intern, doing research work, I got to learn about the various different SaaS software such as Email Marketing Software, ERP Software, POS Software etc., and how SaaS is bringing a big change in the digital realm. Also, the experience taught me how important the role of customer success in a SaaS company is and how video marketing can positively boost any company's  sales figures."


"As a Market Research Analyst (Intern) at StoryXpress, my work revolved around researching the market inbound style. One of the major takeaways from the internship was creating buyer personas for SaaS products. It involved a detailed research around various fields, which helped me learn more about the varied techniques of inbound marketing that lets you target your niche audience without being a prick. The mentors were really supportive and easy to approach and communicate with. Not to forget, the easy flow of communication among the mentors and  interns helped me learn about sales and customer success as well."

Ankita, our Inbound Marketing Manager, was pretty enthralled herself to see their passion & drive for learning video marketing and all things new. So I had to take her aside to ask what's been happening. She exclaimed how very much impressed she is looking at the new interns. "They are a curious lot and ask a lot of questions about almost everything. It is good to have young people around for they could teach you so much and their constant questioning make you revise everything you have had ever known. Each one of them wanted to pursue a different career such as data-science, investment banking, marketing and more. They believed that an internship in market research would set a good base for that."

Well, as far as I go, I have seen them interact with the rest of the team on special occasions, and they seemed to enjoy interacting and partying quite much.