Video Knowledge Base to
Reduce Your
Customer Queries
For Happier Customers Reduce Support
Team Size

Let your customers help themselves with a video knowledge base. Re-invent your help-centre and engage your customers better than ever.


Let Your Customers Educate Themselves

Helping your customers is at the heart of customer support but not all customers like to be escorted to the solution. Sometimes, they just want to experiment and learn on their own. And, you should help them with that.

  • Use videos to accommodate different ways customers learn

  • Reduce repetitive queries for your Support team

  • Engaging and interactive videos are easier to grasp

  • Creating videos takes lesser time and you can explain complex product features easily

Help Centres Don’t Have to Be Boring Always

Your help-centre doesn’t have to be a repository of how-to guides or boring blog posts always. Tweak your strategy a bit and create video content for your knowledge base. Not only video content is more engaging but easier to retain as well.

  • Swift account onboarding with demo videos
  • Easier bug fixing with explainer videos

  • Tell use cases of a feature using suggestion videos

  • Adding a humane element to boring guides

Videofying Your Knowledge Base With StoryXpress

StoryXpress is an end-to-end video platform that provides you with all the tools you need to create publish-ready videos for your help-centre. You can organize your knowledge base well using dedicated playlists and channels. Embed videos in pop-up or dashboard to deliver the right message at the right time.

  • Screen + webcam recorder which records system sound as well

  • Edit your videos with our inbuilt editor to make them publish-ready

  • StoryXpress team ready to help you round the clock, no waiting

Hosting Your Help Videos in a Premium Environment

With StoryXpress, you not only create videos for your help-centre but also host them in a premium, ad-free environment. Thus, as your customers visit your help-centre, they are not distracted by random videos based on their browsing history.

  • Ad-free experience with no irrelevant video recommendations
  • Branded experience with customized video player and video page
  • Video heatmaps and engagement graphs to track customer response

We've got you covered

Screen Record on Windows, Mac, Windows 10 PC,
Linux, Ubuntu, ChromeOS, Chromebook, or Chromeboxes.
Just install a chrome browser to start record anything.

Some of the Most Powerful Brands Show
Their Love for StoryXpress

StoryXpress Recorder is now my #1 tool to create instant sales, tutorial and explanation videos using my OWN logo and business brand.

The customization and additional tools like video embedding and playlists are amazing.

Way to go, Team StoryXpress for making me look like a rock star.

Alvin Parra

(StoryXpress Recorder User)

Loving it so far. Our product marketing team started using it first for building tutorial vids for our product features.

But then our customer support & success teams started using it for helping customers with queries and on-boarding.

Mighty impressed by how easy to use this product is. Too good!

Gaurav Sharma

(StoryXpress Recorder User)

I really like the ability to record your screen, face and audio. Great for communicating with your teammates or just for personal use.

You can create videos and edit them. You can have the ability to have a video landing page with a CTA and have the ability to check the video's analytics.

It can be used for sales as well.


(StoryXpress Recorder User)

4.9 / 5

4.7 / 5

4.5 / 5

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