What is the use of Zendesk Integration?

The Zendesk integration allows you to share your recorded/created videos along with the ticket responses. You can even track the analytics for the videos shared via Zendesk.

How to set up Zendesk integration?  

  • Under workspace in the sidebar menu, click on Integrations
  • Now click on the “visit app store” button mentioned right next to Zendesk

Zendesk Integration

  • You’re prompted to install the Zendesk app from the app store. Once you install the app and log in, it takes you to the Zendesk marketplace. Choose your settings and hit “install”

Install Zendesk

  • Head over to the tickets tab and open a ticket. You’ll see an icon of Storyxpress just below the response window. Click on the icon and authorise the prompt to access your videos

StoryXpress Zendesk Integration

  • You can now share your recorded/created videos in the responses via Zendesk