What is the use of Freshdesk Integration?

Freshdesk integration allows you to share your StoryXpress videos along with the ticket responses. You can even track the analytics for the videos shared via Freshdesk.


Specifications needed

StoryXpress account with Plus plan activated.


How to set up Freshdesk integration?

  • Go to Freshdesk app store [button] and click on install StoryXpress app. 
  • Enter your Freshdesk Url to proceed.

  • It will redirect you to the app setting page, Click on Get More Apps.
  • Go to StoryXpress App, and click on Install


  • After installing the app, go to any Tickets and Click on Reply, you will notice StoryXpress Icon on the message editor panel, on clicking a modal will appear on the right side.
  • The App will first ask you to authorise with StoryXpress Account, click on authorize now.
  • Complete the authorization process, after completing it the popup will close and you will see a list of videos in the modal you can search for video with its name, description or video url.
  • Select the video which you want to share in the ticket response.
  • After sending the reply, the customer can click on the video to watch the video.