Video SEO to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Rank your videos higher in search engine rankings. Enjoy SEO fully-optimised Video Experience with StoryXpress.


Retain Your Audience on Your Website

Rather than redirecting your audience to YouTube, Vimeo or any other video hosting platform, host your videos using StoryXpress and let the traffic stay on your website. Upload your videos to our cloud or record them using our Chrome extension. Further, use them to drive SEO traffic.

  • No ads from competitors, distraction-free environment

  • Host your videos on your subdomain

  • Or Host on StoryXpress and use the domain authority to get higher search rankings

Lightweight, SEO friendly Video Embed Codes

Embed your videos on your website, blog and landing pages to boost engagement. Get lightweight, SEO friendly video embed codes that don’t slow down your website and provide a responsive experience, which guarantees higher rankings in search results.

  • Async codes that don’t slow down your webpage
  • More the watch time, better the search engine rankings
  • Videos rank for keywords individually, thus driving more traffic

Videos That are Already Optimised

StoryXpress automatically optimises your videos for search engines. We take care of the technical stuff such as injecting mark-up (via JSON-LD) onto the page, so that Google has no difficulties reading and indexing your videos. Also, you can decide if you want StoryXpress to index your videos or not!

  • Generate automatic transcriptions, captions and customise them before uploading
  • Optimise on-page elements such as title, URL, H1, and description to give more contextual information to search engines
  • User generated content and better engagement

Thumbnails That are Relevant to Keywords

Thumbnail is the face of the video and plays a crucial role in whether viewers click on your video or not. Plus, they must be relevant to the keyword you’re trying to rank for. StoryXpress lets you create compelling thumbnails that help boost your click-through-rate.

  • Create GIF thumbnails or upload a custom thumbnail
  • Use a text banner as a thumbnail
  • A/B test your thumbnails to improve performance

Optimised Plus Branded User Experience

With StoryXpress, you don’t just embed or host videos, but you offer an entirely optimised user experience. You can customise the video page to match your brand voice and make the video the focus of the page. This helps increase your video’s crawlability factor.

  • Ensuring the page is relevant to the video
  • Making the video the focus of the page
  • Amazing user experience means better search engine rankings

Use Cases



Promote your product and services using videos in minutes. Create marketing pitch and explainer videos that inspire customers to take action.



Easily create sales videos to convert prospects into customers. Make videos for every stage in your sales pipeline and close more leads with less stress


Customer Success

Customer support gets easier with quick video shares that support-teams use to answer customer queries. This time saving technique is popular for the efficiency it brings along.

We've got you covered

Screen Record on Windows, Mac, Windows 10 PC,
Linux, Ubuntu, ChromeOS, Chromebook, or Chromeboxes.
Just install a chrome browser to start record anything.

Some of the Most Powerful Brands Show
Their Love for StoryXpress

StoryXpress Recorder is now my #1 tool to create instant sales, tutorial and explanation videos using my OWN logo and business brand.

The customization and additional tools like video embedding and playlists are amazing.

Way to go, Team StoryXpress for making me look like a rock star.

Alvin Parra

(StoryXpress Recorder User)

Loving it so far. Our product marketing team started using it first for building tutorial vids for our product features.

But then our customer support & success teams started using it for helping customers with queries and on-boarding.

Mighty impressed by how easy to use this product is. Too good!

Gaurav Sharma

(StoryXpress Recorder User)

I really like the ability to record your screen, face and audio. Great for communicating with your teammates or just for personal use.

You can create videos and edit them. You can have the ability to have a video landing page with a CTA and have the ability to check the video's analytics.

It can be used for sales as well.


(StoryXpress Recorder User)

4.9 / 5

4.7 / 5

4.5 / 5

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