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Host your videos in an ad free environment. Customize player to match your brand and dive deep into how your videos are performing.


Easily manage your video content

With our content management system, you can upload and organise videos exactly the way you want.

  • Smart Video Playlists

  • Publish to social platforms from one single place.

  • Access controls and secure publishing

Fast and Reliable Streaming

We deliver highest-quality streaming all around the globe, using servers that are located nearest to you.

  • Instant Playback
  • Global CDN’s
  • Buffer free-Automatic quality adjustment

Actionable analytics with real-time data

Unlock the true potential of your videos through analytics that understand users’ behavior. Gain granular insights to recognise which parts in a video the user liked, skipped, or rewatched.

  • How many people are watching
  • Video engagement heatmaps
  • Get Real Time Notifications

Distribute SEO ready content on all platforms

Distribution is the key to performance. With our in-built integrations, you can quickly reach your target audience through the right channels.

  • Closed Captions for SEO friendly videos
  • Embed your videos anywhere on the internet

Seamless Integration

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