GDPR Compliance


At StoryXpress, user privacy is our top-most priority. While we take utmost care when handling your sensitive information, you may still want to know what information do we collect about you, how do we collect and use it and how can you permanently delete all your sensitive data from our records.

For catering seamless user experience and efficient services to our customers, we also use third-party services, which may additionally store your personal information.

Here, we have listed the entire in-house and third-party services we use, the reasons we use them and ways you can get your data completely out of our database.

Here are different scenarios, where your personal information can be captured, either explicitly or implicitly.


Certain services that are common across the entirety of StoryXpress domains are as follows:

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to understand our audience and evaluate our own performance against key metrics such as user engagement, bounce rate, search engine performance, etc. Google Analytics helps us achieve these goals, and to enable this, it uses a host of identifying mechanisms including the use of cookies so that different users can be uniquely identified. While none of your personal information is ever passed on to Google Analytics, and Google Analytics itself anonymizes data related to your network such as IP address, you may still want to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking, and you can do so by using the  Google Analytics Opt-out Tool.


Customer success is one of the most important metrics we pride ourselves in. Whether you are a new user, checking out our offerings, or are an existing customer, already signed-in on our dashboard, whenever in doubt, you can always reach out to us through the Chatbox that is omnipresent on your screen, regardless of the page you are on. Our chat-box is powered by Hubspot. To ascertain the origin of your query & understand its context, and to be able to efficiently render support service, certain additional information is passed on to us, which includes: the webpage you were on at the time of raising a support request, and whether you are a new visitor or a returning customer. Browser cookies are in the process and you can opt-out of  Hubspot cookies

StoryXpress Cookies

StoryXpress’ own use of cookies is limited to housekeeping and security-related functions. For example, without the use of cookies, we won’t be able to log-you-in to your own account. StoryXpress cookies store user identifiers and other related information, which completes the user authentication flow. If you wish to opt-out of StoryXpress cookies, we won’t be able to provide you with any of our offerings. Thus, the only way to opt-out of StoryXpress cookies it to request for account deletion.  


StoryXpress Sign-up Form is the first page in the onboarding flow, where you explicitly provide us your personal information that includes your full name, current workplace and job title; and of course, your email id and password so that you can securely log-into your StoryXpress account.

These data points are stored against your profile details and are required to create an account with StoryXpress. Unless you explicitly agree- for example, while using any of the integrations offered by us - we never share your profile details with anyone. Your data remains safely stored in encrypted databases. Certain elements of your profile, for example, your password, are additionally encrypted before storing in our database so that none but you know the password!

As soon as you choose to delete your account, all your profile related data is erased from our records and is replaced with garbage values. Nothing remains, we promise!


Once your email and password have been successfully authenticated, we store your unique account identifiers in your browser cookies. This enables us to set up your account context and display information related to your account and workspace on the dashboard. Also, it helps us verify all the subsequent requests coming from your browser and ensure, it’s YOU who is making the requests. For this reason, you can not opt-out of StoryXpress Cookies for as long as you wish to use StoryXpress service.

We also store additional information at different stages while you are using the StoryXpress dashboard. This information is always explicitly provided by you and is stored with your consent.

Here are various sections of the StoryXpress Dashboard, where you may be prompted to provide us additional information to be stored against your account or workspace.

Billing Information

During activation or payment of a subscription, you will be asked for billing details, unless you have already provided it before. This includes information such as your address - country, city, and zip; your email and your card details which includes the card number, expiry, CVV etc

At no stage do we store any or whole part of your billing information, anywhere. Your sensitive card details are passed on securely to our payment processor - Stripe, which further processes the information conforming to any existing regulation, your details may be securely stored by Stripe in case you agree for recurring payment cycle.

If you do not wish to provide your payment and billing details, you would not be able to use a lot of our paid offerings.

If you wish to get your billing and payment information removed, you can achieve this by canceling your existing subscription and sending Stripe a delete request.


StoryXpress provides a vast variety of products, all of which, in some way or the other, revolves around content creation. Our current offerings - Creator, Video Hosting & Clapboard - are closely linked with user-created or uploaded content.

You can record yourself or your screen or both, using the Clapboard. You can upload a video to our platform to later share with the world, or you can use Creator to generate, or even automate, large scale video creation.

We use Google Cloud Storage to store user content such as profile pictures, videos, thumbnails, audio files associated with the videos, etc. While the user content is safely stored on the Google Cloud server, anyone with a direct link to your content can access it. However, this should not worry you since we do not generate links to your static assets in a predictable fashion.

All the metadata associated with the user content such as the title of your videos, the description you give them, the tags etc is stored in our encrypted database so that they can be served along with the actual content by our platform, in a meaningful manner.

When you choose to delete your account by filling  GDPR Compliance Form, all your content-related metadata in the database is anonymized with fuzzy values and all the static assets uploaded to the Google Cloud servers delete within 60 days days.



When you use Creator, we may also store information pertaining to your browser and operating system to better assess the performance of our product, and also provide support in case something does not work on your system


To be able to use Clapboard, you need to provide our Chrome extension with your microphone, camera, and screen capture permission, all of which are explicitly prompted for your consent.

Push Notifications

To receive real-time push notifications, we may also request you to grant browser-based Push Notification permission for our domain. This results in your browser generating a unique device identifier and sharing it with us, which is then stored in our encrypted database to enable us to deliver a push-notification to that specific device in real-time. When you choose to delete your account, or when you disable the Push Notification Setting option, we delete the deviceId from our records


StoryXpress platform provides a host of integrations with external third-party platforms. To achieve this, after asking for your consent, these platforms share a secret key which can be used to access your data and integrate into the StoryXpress platform, and sometimes StoryXpress has to provide a secret key to these platforms for them to be able to access your data and make the integration possible.

Whenever we receive secret keys related to your account from external platforms, we store them securely in our encrypted database. When you apply for deletion of your account, or when you explicitly remove the specific integration, the secret key is deleted from our records, forever!


A lot of times users reach out to us via different kinds of contact forms. Your contact information such as name, email, company, job title etc is then stored in our encrypted database. You can request this information to be deleted from records by contacting us via


If you have any questions or want to contact us about this privacy policy, please email us at